Erling Haaland and the Bundesliga Tax

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When Jadon Sancho played his last season at Borussia Dortmund his statistics were up there with the best in Europe, but in his debut season at Manchester United his numbers have been anything but…

And he’s not alone, most stars of the Bundesliga fail to reach the same highs when they play in the Premier League. This drop off is known as the Bundesliga Tax.

Why does it happen? Is the Bundesliga alone?

Jon Mackenzie explains, Henry Cooke illustrates.

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  1. Would be interesting to see whether the same tax exists for premier league players going abroad. Might be more of a new league/country tax that is applicable to football in general rather than the premier league specifically.

  2. I’d love a video specifically about Arsenal signings made in the last 6 years and where they are now. It feels like there has been a lot invested in players that ended up only spending a year at the club or underperformed/spent a lot of time injured in there first season after signing.

    And even if they didn’t underperform, they ended up excelling at very different things than why they were initially scouted (i.e. Lacazette and the number of assists/goals he was involved in)

  3. Aubameyang would have been an interesting case to look at. Came to a struggling Arsenal, received a golden boot while Arsenal was still struggling

  4. 0:18 I think it's unnecessary to say something like "top 1/5th percentile" as opposed to his specific percentile. It's not more concise nor is it more clear as opposed to the specific percentile. It seems clear that by top 5th percentile you mean between 80th and 99th percentile but someone could easily miss the context and think you meant 5th percentile (as in, very bad). Finally, saying something like "top 1/5th percentile" is deceiving because at far ends of distributions the "top 1/5th" percentile" could easily cover two total standard deviations of data.

  5. Dzeko
    All came to the Premier League and thrived. Common among them is that they all left the Bundesliga and came to Manchester City. Only Chelsea and other team share the Bundesliga tax.

  6. the axamples are SO cherry picked. there are so many players, even in recent years, that moved from the BL to the PL and were monstrously successful, ESPECIALLY for Man City

  7. TL:dw jaydon sancho has been putting up rubbish numbers because the team he signed for is rubbish. Although with a good coach at the helm utd might not be a joke this season and sancho might put up improved numbers

  8. Sancho joined united who had one of the worst seasons in last decade. Haaland is joining city who are creating chances and goals for fun any strikers dream

  9. Son,auba,mane,sane,ozil,firmino,dembele(under xavi),gundogan,kdb,thiago,kroos,alaba,konate,rudiger,kompany,ter stegen
    On the other hand jovic,timo,pulisic,keita,bastian,mkhitaryan,kai,sancho,schrulle,leno,christensen

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