England Lacking Edge? | ESPN FC TV Podcast – June 7, 2022

The ESPN FC crew discuss England’s 1-1 draw with Germany and question what Gareth Southgate’s squad is lacking ahead of the World Cup. Plus, Italy continue to build towards to the future by playing a young squad against Hungary, and Tchouameni’s deal to Real Madrid looks close to being down for an eye-watering sum.

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  1. I think what England need is a switch in their mentality, all good in praising their teams for reaching a semi final and a final at the euros but that's a check and then they should be aiming their next goal which then only can be winning a major tournament. For that, Germany can be a role model, Germany in the 70s basically won everything, 72 euros, 74 world cup, just lost the final in 76 and then won the euros in 80 as well, the next major tournaments they won was 10 years later, the world cup in 90 and then the euros 96 in England but in the 80s they reached the world cup final 82 as well as 86 before they reached another final in 90 which they won HOWEVER nobody talks about the 82 and 86 sides that reached the world cup finals because the winners of the euros 80 and world cup 90 became the real heroes. That's were England can learn, praise the team for a decent tournament but don't overpraise them and demand more for the upcoming tournaments by aiming the goal to actually WIN a tournament and like Fjorntoft said, Germany made 7 changes to their first team and still they look further than England because they are taking these games as prep for the world cup.

  2. England wont be able to beat teams in the 50 degree heat in Qatar if they cannot hold possession and dictate the tempo of the game.

    It all starts from the GK. Pickford's distribution was terrible. I presume he was told to kick long by Southgate because they were scared of Germany's press. The GK is a key role in possession football and helps relieve pressure from the defence and midfield when playing out. The right decision by the GK will help Eng build out from the back.

    Rice is a good defender but needs to improve his awareness and build up play from that pivot position. it should be the position to dictate the tempo of the game and where a team recycles possession and builds from. Again don't think he has the decisions for this.

    Finally the midfield and wing backs need to make option for the DM and need to be able to turn and drive forward between the lines to commit defenders and open up space.

    The tactic by Southgate is way to 'defensive'. I reality the best defence is to keep the ball. Having two DM's good at tackling shows you are setting up a tactic to not have possession. And invite teams to attack against you. Therefore, Eng's tactic it a counter that is based on luck and a quick ball forward to sterling or saka.

    There needs to be more emphasis on ball retention.

  3. Constant weird team selection/formation.
    Some players try to hard and some don't try hard enough.

    Maguire is so bad. Constantly gets dragged out by the attacker even at utd.

    Too many defensively minded players. Grealish bowen and saka are the only players that make stuff happen

  4. The world cup will come from the usual teams…brazil Argentina france Germany spain England holland…its no secret…they all have the talent the player's to win it's just who can keep their composure when the pressure is at its most intense…and a little luck never hurts

  5. What happened in 2018 and 2021 felt like progress but from winning positions really they should have reached the final in 2018 and should have won it in 2021. It can only be deemed as failure. He did a good job in turning things around but clearly isn’t good enough to take them all the way even when given the best opportunities they could ask for. This will just be another waste of a top generation of players

  6. The FA appointed another suit type, they are getting the rigid results of the suit. Negative, overly cautious, defensive football with no attacking flair.

    Playing Phillips highlights how stupid GS is

  7. Got sad news for England fans! If Southgate is your manager you got zero chance of winning the world cup. Forget your last world cup semi-final. You only beat one real team(Colombia) before losing to Croatia then Belgium. Southgate prefers to draw 0-0 or 1-1 versus winning 3-2 or 4-3. Unleashed the lions and you will see domination.

  8. I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security rather having different investments is the real deal.

  9. Bellingham doesn’t hold the midfield strong enough. Both games he was poor. Missed Kalvin today. Overall England have been mediocre but will find better form in time!

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