England gets bounced by Hungary, time for the USMNT to get excited? 👀 | Futbol Americas | ESPN FC

England goes winless in its four June Nations League games, capped off by a 4-0 defeat at home to Hungary. With game time …



  1. England's players are very pacey and technical on the ball. The usa is going to have play like the dempsey era and fight it out.

  2. Soccer vs Football. I'm going to slap the next person that complains about this. England brought us the sport, just like they did the Imperial Measurement system. They called it soccer. Now they want to complain that they changed and call it football now and just the metric system. Just like every other conflict in the world, England is to blame.

  3. England lost twice to the Hungarians.

    He got it out for the second time at home. 4-0.

    It’s like a tattoo to them that can’t be washed off. It lasts forever.

  4. USA is taking this group. England is the only team that can dominate us in the group. Other than that, Wales and Iran will be easy work

  5. People need to relax….they still have seasons to play..which means injuries. We have to pray we don't get nailed…same with England. If they lose Rice..they're screwed. Same with us and Pulisic.

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