Donnarumma's Angry Reaction To Criticism From Journalist

Gianluigi Donnarumma endured a nightmare evening after conceding 5 goals against Germany, one of which stemmed from his own misplaced pass. After the game, a journalist reminded him that it wasn’t his first such mistake of the season, leading to a frosty exchange. As for England, their fans chanted ‘you racist b******s’ during Hungary’s national anthem.

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  1. This weak-minded guy has an excuse for everything. He's made mistakes like this in literally every single game since his error against Benzema yet he can't face the fact. He'll keep making excuses all the way to obscurity.

  2. He deserves all this hate,that’s what happens when you betray the fans that made YOU and watched you grow just for you too lie to them and betray them and join another team for lots of money.

  3. I care zero about your league season that was already won in advance he has no excuses for the lost he is simply not a good world class keeper thats facts don't let a 1 good game or 1 good season let you get carried away about an average keeper idk how he won any individual awards

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