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  1. Stevie and Ale are just not informed on Serie A. Juls and Don had pertinent comments. Also, let’s be clear EPL currently is just Man City (4 titles in 5 years). Yes, LFC gives them a run each year, but ultimetely they’re halfway where Juve were in Italy in the 2010s. Bayern 10 consecutive titles in Germany, PSG a ridiculous numbers as well in the last 10 years. As for Spain, w/ the exception of Atletico Madrid and Basque club blips in general, Barca and Real have been dominating Spain since Adam & Eve. Long way of saying that it’s just about money, specifially tv rights and stadiums. That’s it. If Italian club fix this by having entertaining championship battles, there’s hope.

  2. Paolo Scaroni has not never been involved in football, yes now he is a Team Director but has always been the chairman of the principal Energy Company in the country so he has zero awarness of football. In conclusion his words shouldn't be take too serious.

  3. Scaroni is right concerning time ball is actually in play. The time wasting is scandalous in most games. Stopping the clock every time play stops will not be allowed by TV companies though.

  4. Football has definitely been about money for the last 30 years. Seria-A was the best league from 1989- 2004, because of Money, you can argue Spain 1998-2005 was on par As Valencia and Deportivo stepped up, while Barca was great and Madrid was just Madrid. So today you might like Italian football but it's not what it was, even Del Perio said it a few weeks ago. I'll end on this note Italy needs major changes they will only fade more and more. Even Perez is worried about this and he is the president of Madrid the biggest club in the world that just won the champions league, He understands Spain is falling way behind England in terms of the league's overall profitability, spending power, and Global appeal.

  5. Dare I write THIS??? – Perhaps it is time to MERGE the Italian league with ………………………. 'another'???

  6. They were the best league during the 90's. It's time now for other leagues to shine. Most of their clubs have overspend in the past and now have to deal with it. Every league has it's ups and downs.

  7. Serie has always struggled with world tv audiences, interest , the stadiums aren't updated and it never will compete with premier league in marketing and revenue. I watch it, Cause I'm a Lazio fan , the quality is still good . It's struggling to attract world class players because as the boys stated , the wages are low

  8. Makes me sad to see Seria A not being the best league. I remember watching it on CH4 and seeing all the incredible players. I hope they get the investment they so badly need.

  9. Could care less what Stevie has to say as I doubt he watches anyways, but Ale is exactly right. The level of Serie's A production drives me nuts. The perception of the visual makes such a massive difference in determining whether or not you think what you're watching is good play or not. Serie A has entertaining games all the time, but it doesn't always come off because the graphics, camera and audio are terrible.

  10. I don't think the stoppage time feature will help at all, if anything, it will make the game strange and uninteresting. Yea I know other sports are doing it, have you seen memes of them lasting that long?

    Guys, I know that anything I say will not make that much difference, and as many would say, it’s my opinion. football is the first sport in Africa, and it is remarkable how it brings people together from different tribes, communities, religions, and so on.

    Here's my case, guys:

    Just like life, time doesn’t stop for u when u mess up on your decision and that makes life beautiful/ purposeful, or bad so u correct things. We have all be saying if that man city vs Atletico match took a little be longer Atletico would have won the match because of how dark they play injuring players and delaying game which can sometimes make players stressed, tired and not into the game anymore, yea play football so I know what am saying. And there are some games that we can attest to being over even before they started to the extent we, the fans, sometimes want it to end, let alone the players, so image this stoppage time situation.

    There are so many matches going on that I don't want to devote too much time to only one. I'm a busy person who occasionally enjoys watching certain matches to the point of cramming them into my day's schedule, and I know it's from this time to this time, so imagine watching and not knowing how long it will take, and I'm telling you, teams will find a way to exploit it. I'm not saying there's no complement in that, but for me, I will say it didn't solve anything and instead created another.

    I know this organizations have adequate time and resources to seek out a solution, I propose that the stoppage time be prolonged instead. It may contradict my 'I know when it will end' argument, but it will at the very least assist in determining which ones should end early and which should take time.

    All am saying is certain things in this sport shouldn’t be touched and the time is one of them, for me it will make it ‘some way’, unfair and stats more confusing because certain teams like Atletico champions of Europe, am not saying they are not good.

  11. Only thing Serie A need to understand is how to produce a show!!.. they don't have the bright lights and action like a movie.. Things have changed.. they need to make it High Definition and great camera angles.

  12. The disrespect to Serie A is unreal. Because football now is about money, best talents (players and managers) go to Premier league and Spain. Premier league and Spain inflated football with ridiculous transfer fees and wages. At least the Italians stayed true to the game with reasonable fees and wages. Just to give a hint. Football transfer fees were so reasonable until Madrid and Chelsea then later City and PSG ruined it.

  13. I’m a big Milan fan, and I have been watching quite a lot of matches amongst the top 6 teams. For the past few seasons, the league has been one of the most evenly matched competition around. That said, you cannot blame a top attacking player for choosing other top 4 over the Italian league. The managers in Serie A are very shrewd and their style of play is very pragmatic with fantastic organisation. The small teams only play all out attacking football amongst themselves, hence the attacking stats are trending up for the league. But, when playing against the top 6 teams, they’re playing for a draw! Cherry on top, even when the small teams are down, they rather keep the scoreboard respectable than chase for goals. Scoring a tons of goal and assist like the Spanish league is almost a fantasy! Unfortunately, the star players cannot pad their stats that way like they could in Spain or England, which directly impacts their image and recognition. A total double whammy when you factor the lack of funds.

  14. Actually Jules got his stats wrong, Serie A is actually the highest when it comes to minutes played, and that's statistics kept by UEFA. Jules as usual talking out his arsehole…the stadium problem is a matter of everything being a historical site, so red tape will be everywhere.

  15. Series A is coming back strong again. I think the champions league performance this year really dampered their brand but they finished strong. After-all they did win an European championship and EPl did not

  16. Lol Stevie. I wonder were Liverpool abs psg got a lot of their talents from? Allison, salah, veratti, donnarumma. Serie a main problem is the stadiums which have been there for years. Too much government red tape and outdated laws and infrastructure. Other than that, it’s a great league. Once serie a gets it’s Act together it will surpass la liga for sure. Right now, I’ll agree that it’s the third best league behind EPL, and La Liga.

  17. Respect to Don as always. I agree with Alejandro regarding the presentation. It’s pretty bad here in the US. The colors are just really drab, the audio quality where the crowd sound like they’re underwater, and the Commentating are poor. Presentation matters a lot.

  18. I live in Ghana and I can honestly say people don't really care about other leagues except the premier league. With the exception of Barcelona and Real madrid games they don't even care about la liga.

  19. Ceo ov Milan Scaroni is just trying to push the authority’s to make it easy for his team to build the new stadium bu ESPN as usual is try to fish in the garbage when it comes to Italy.. Idiots

  20. Dear Italian, open yourself to foreign investment, please. Be more friendly to non EU investors and also you still using an old school operation, maybe you have to visit London or Manchester or Liverpool or Madrid to learn how to manage business. Please.

  21. Thanks Don for loving the seriaA… but the the boys do have a point.. I’ve been saying this for years now . SeriaA marketing of the game is so antiquated it’s still stuck in the 80th … Needs new blood in the game …

  22. I solely watch ESPNFC to hear these ridiculous comments by most of their crew. never mind the fact Italy won the euro cup with 95% Serie a players and that inter- should’ve beat Liverpool this year in champions league if it wasn’t for that ridiculous red card and there’s many many many more examples. I would agree serie a is ranked number three in the world and they do have their issues such as renewing their stadiums and infrastructure and they don’t have a deep enough wallet yet but this constant drudging and Serie ais pathetic. There are hundreds of leagues in the world professional leagues and to be in the top three is fantastic. We want to be 1 but we have to work at it. ESPN is simply always talking badly about Serie a it’s almost as if they’re mad that CBS has the rights to Serie A in USA and they are trying to put it down

  23. When it comes to time wasting, each teams have their own ways but I think the new rules of 5 substitutes will help this aspect. I don't have a problem with the number of substitutes but I think there should be 3 substitution slots/windows in a single match as usual.

  24. The 2nd bloke who spoke said true statements. I m from Italy and the main problem is there are too much papers, too many procedures related to the developing that nothing is about to change

  25. It’s interesting though how quick these things can change. Going back to what, 2005 or so, AC Milan was probably the best team in the world and had the best players, and now the league does seem on a lower level from the other major leagues.

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