Do Liverpool ADAPT & go in for a Robert Lewandowski or Harry Kane? Steve Nicol’s verdict | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol recaps the Champions League final, in particular where Liverpool go from here in the attacking sense.
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  1. Mane is out already so sell Salah because we don’t want to him go for free next season. With that money LFC should buy Nunez and also somehow try and go get Lewandowski.
    Luis Diaz, Lewandowski, Nunez

  2. Bring Lewandowski because of his experience and quality, but also we need young faces and Darwin Nunez is perfect for few years to come. It's time to have a true striker, we don't have creative attacking midfielders like Bernardo Silva and De Bruyne who can score and assist alot.

  3. Liverpool just spent money buying one of Europe's top scorer in Diaz. The coach should find a way to utilize him properly or train him better. Don't everytime throw money to find a solution

  4. We need a KDb or gundogan someone to score some goals from midfield. We lack that type of player.
    I would like for us to go and sign nkunku he's very good ATM capable of pressing, delivering important goals.

  5. On final games, teams play careful/riskfree aproach which most of the time means defending deep.
    I remember chelse winning the trophy last year against City with the tactics, but even better play.

    I don't mean Madrid played bad, it's just when your GK is man of the match it says a lot

  6. How are Kane and Lewandowski going to fit into a high press style of football that Klopp wants? They have scored plenty of goals. If Mane and Salah had taken those chances yesterday people would have been making cases for the Ballon D'or today. Keita Henderson Thiago and Fabinho don't chip in with enough goals.

  7. Robert Lewandowski is the best saccer player in the world he was Robbed Ballon d.Or 2020,2021 😁😁😁😁😁😆😆😅🤣🤣😅😁😁😊😚🤑🤑😝😝☺☺😄😄😁😁😁😁😆😆😅🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😆😁😁😆😆😅

  8. They need a creative midfielders that can chip in with goals. Their issue this gane wasn’t necessarily a striker though having a world class striker would benefit them

  9. They didn't play badly upfront. Thibaut Courtois happened to give a GOAT performance in goal, so credit to him. Also, the major flaw was Trent Alexander allowing Vinicius Jr to ghost in behind him to score. If anything, how about getting a fullback who can actually defend instead of worrying about a non problem of having a traditional no.9?

  10. Considering how Liverpool creates space, Lewy would be a perfect fit. He already worked with Klopp in that system. They respect each other and Lewy has a very good relationship with Thiago. On and off the field. Salah and Lewy would be an unstoppable combination, better than anything else the Prem has to offer.

  11. Idk what's the problem now Liverpool was great this season and they had no issue scoring goals. Salah and Mane was excellent. Luiz dias came in and did extremely well. Liverpool was one of the best teams in the world. They didn't had goal scoring problems. They don't want to give Real Madrid credit for winning that's the issue here. There are few teams that could actually beat Liverpool at their best and Real is one of those teams as they proved so.‼️

  12. I'm a Liverpool supporter through and through and I love our strikerless type of apporach when it comes to attack and what our front 3 have done for us but its high time we bring in a pure number 9, a striker in our play. i dont even agree with what our legend Stevie nicol has to say most of the time but on this one, i agree with the guys.

  13. Buying a striker should be the next target. I felt depressed when I saw mane and salah was changing their position all over the time. There were no specific player who would stay like a fox and score. Also Diaz and jota are genuine winger. Now its really time for Klopp to bring a striker

  14. I think we should go and bring Lewandowski to anfield after seeing that Sadio mane confirmed he is leaving Liverpool with Bayern Munich possibly going in to buy him.

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