Did Thibaut Courtois silence ALL his doubters with UCL final performance? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Craig Burley and Shaka Hislop dissect Thibaut Courtois’ stellar performance for Real Madrid in the Champions League final.
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  1. Courtois is best GK in the world since 2019 many people prefer Alisson Ederson Mendy Donnarumma not Courtois but glad that he got recognition he is better than Alisson Ederson Mendy Donnarumma by a country mile

  2. That's just how the english media is. They will always say English players & EPL players are better than anybody else. It's funny that they even think Liverpool's midfield is better than Madrid. Form is temporary, class is permanent. 🤚🏽

  3. 2:05 lacking big moment on world football’s biggest stage? How about the performance vs Brazil in World Cup quarter final? Disrespect to Courtois is unreal. Coming from a Chelsea fan.

  4. Courtois literally started to perform great for Madrid in the 2019/2020 season. Shaka is wrong when trying to say he only started this season. He’s been great for Madrid for almost three years already.

  5. Classic english media, as always. Hyping up players they like with no respect for the opposition. We will see the same happening at Qatar when the English team make it out of the group stages….English media talking about how they have the most valuable squad and all that, how 'football is coming home'…. When will they ever learn? Real alone has the equal amount of Big Ears as the entire PL combined and yet I still don't see respect for their players 🙁

  6. I love how he was just so honest. Many footballers sugar coat these things when they talk in a press conference. I just noticed that he said it the way it was which I liked.

  7. To be a epl fan means pain and misery, these pl always lose big finals, too much losing mentality among every English club this is a virus which is hard to get off, everyone trolling and abusing epl top 3 clubs and it's was coming because we had reached the height of overhyping these clubs and the league, The downfall of epl has begun😭😭

  8. You can not have a good team without a good keeper. Courtois is in the best five for years now. Hopefully, his team mates will take him out for a cold beer. Lol

  9. I'm sorry but did people forget that he won the golden glove at the world cup in 2018??? Have they forgotten the brazil game? And secondly courtois has been been BRILLIANT since his second season at the club even his first season wasn't that bad but since the 2019-20 season he's been comfortably top 3 in the world and for the past 2 seasons he's been the best.

  10. Regular English media, lots of talk and whistle prior to the match and after the game still mad how the English team lost

  11. Didn't & still don't like how Courtois left Chelsea but you can't say his time with us was "disappointing". Yes, it could have been better but 4 trophies including 2 PL titles + 1 golden glove in 4 seasons are more than most could have dreamt off.

  12. Courtois didn’t have that moment with Belgium…..he made the save of the World Cup in 2018 against Brazil and was the best keeper of the tournament….

  13. Maybe I live in a different world but Thibaut Courtois has always been an elite keeper, I never heard noone say that he wasn't one of the best.

  14. Everyone kept saying the only reason RM won was because courtois played well.

    Well, that is how you win games, when your players played well.

  15. What in the world would he have any doubters for me is beyond me…. He's won leagues at Atleti, Chelsea and Madrid and now a UCL title. You don't do that without being world class. He's top 5 in the world, let alone not being in the top 10… He's been at Madrid and for the past 3 seasons he has been stellar. Winning 2 titles, and dropping 1 by 2 points to Atleti. The first year was poor in Madrid, but it was a horrid year for the club, he's been incredible since… & its harder to bounce back at Madrid, more than any other club in the world.

  16. Where do these people lived in these past couple of years? He's the undisputed main choice for goalkeeper spot in 3 big clubs plus his national team all of these years 🤔

  17. To say that Courtois hasn't had a big moment with Belgium when he was voted the best GK of the 2018 World Cup, is kind of wrong.

  18. You can clearly see how unaware and lack of knowledge they have about laliga and real Madrid
    This is not the only good season Tibo had for Real Madrid
    He has been fantastic and outstanding for the last two seasons.

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