Denmark stuns France | ESPN FC TV Podcast

The FC crew react to Denmark’s 2-1 upset victory over France in the UEFA Nations League and look ahead at Belgium’s World Cup chances after a 4-1 win over Netherlands. Plus, the guys recap Neymar’s comments on Argentina’s Finalissima celebrations and preview Giorgio Chiellini’s move to LAFC.

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  1. Pathetic excuses…. Nations League IS a “training cup”… you can just rest Benzema and your other stars, and play some of your many many many young wonderkids…!!!!

  2. Hey commentators, France couldn't beat a good team on the day, a team that can bother most other teams in the world and got to Euro semis and almost into the final, and yet you say nothing about them? What's going on?

  3. ESPN apparently french
    Denmark didn't go further in the EUROS than France
    Benzema scored more and more impressive goals than Cornelius

    LOL. what a joke…

  4. I read these comments and I’m suprised France will be a much better side in December. Their fire power is also their downfall because Deschamps can’t find his starting 11 especially in defense but if they find it. No one will beat them. Mark my word wait and see

  5. It's really funny, you guys made a long podcast video of 45 minutes whose title is "Denmark stuns France" and not even a single word of appreciation to the Danish team you guys didn't talk about their tactics and gameplay. Atleast the analysis of the game should be unbiased they should not lick the boots of just one team who has been defeated ….

  6. Well who cares?
    I care.
    Should it be played now or at another time thats the bigger question, and 4 games in such a short time indicate that the full squad should be in use, players should be able to request a break if they wanted to be out of these games.

    Besides since Covid National team football has imo been more interesting than Club football

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