De Jong Transfer Confirmed? Erik ten Hag DEAMNDS Man Unted signing

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  1. United seem way to desperate for a just a decent footballer. De Jong is ok but nothing more. Go for someone who wants to play for the club.

  2. Terry, I have to pull you up on something that you said

    Not long ago, you only gave us 1% chance of a deal for de Jong happening.

    And I agreed with you

    Now, you are saying that you are 10% certain

    And I agree with you once again 😀

    Things appear to be different at OT, I hope it's not the emperor's new clothes!

  3. Ten Hag can demand whatever but IF Barca don't want to sell Utd can't do anything…Their selling players they don't want Dembele to Chelsea etc Barca are not in panic mode.🤔

  4. Signing feels extremely forced now.. don't think he wants United at all, would target Prem proven Neves or Bissouma for example.

    On the other hand , we preach "give the manager what he wants" but we get upset when he wants Nunez, De Jong etc..

  5. What's happening with bringing our youth through playing in europa leauge at that age for man united is a dream no big boys want to play europa leauge build ourselves with our youngsters we've waited years to win another Premier league title so what couple more years do

  6. Why are we so adamant on getting a boy who clearly doesn't want to play for us. I don't doubt his talent but what if he turns out to be Di Maria 2.0

  7. De jong would be a great addition to united from Barca as a Barca fan for de jong to leave united would have to pay any where near 80 to 100 million deal de jong has done well at Barca it will be hard to keep many of our gd players at the club due to the club financial situation

  8. For yearsssssss the scouts team did not unearthed a single gem. For yearsssssss the nego teams are buying and not negotiating. For yearsssssss the payroll policy is so charitable and not performance base bonus.

  9. The Irony Terry our club run by cowboys and we are 600 mil in debt ..if the fans stopped this shirade and stopped going or buying merch the Glazers evil reign would end …instead we get a bloody tiny transfer budget which will not help us to compete …the glazers need to dip into their f……g dividend money and do the right thing or p…….ss off.

  10. There is no question Barca are very desperate. But they act like everything is perfect. First they wanted to sell De Jong fir financial reason no his ability, now they are questioning that. De Jong won't be happy.

  11. Played poor for Barcelona what makes you think 🤔he will be a good signing for utd apparently van de Beek was gonna do wonders for Utd look how that’s worked out

  12. Everyone needs to stop licking Romano’s bumhole. All I hear is “Romano said this Romano said that”. People need to stop acting like everything he says is going to happen.

  13. Terry and van de beek is coming back!! One of my favourite midfielders!! I'm jealous because you have a decent manager on your hands!! As long as he's backed of course

  14. United have never seemed to spend more than 150M in a Summer, that has always seemed to be the cut-off point, but honestly, with the club's seeming determination to land a De Jong & a striker that between will probably come close to eating up the 120M that's been rumoured to be the budget, it's logical to believe United will have to spend around 200M this Summer with the number of players outgoing, 4 or 5 players in is a must. They can possibly make 50M or more back in player sales though so it'll probably be close to around 150M net spend. Personally I'd be very happy with a window of Nunez, De Jong, another CM & a CB, I do like both Torres & Timber too albeit Timber I consider a bigger gamble though he potentially could become the greater player. RB also concerns me, though we might have to make do with what we have for a season, hopefully Ten Hag can progress Dalot's development this season.

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