De Jong Total Agreement CLOSE! Manchester United News! Scamacca, Nunez, Lukaku Updates

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  1. Terry "I maintain we have a great squad" Terry 2 minutes later "This Man United squad was statistically the worst Man United squad ever last season" They're an average group of players. No bias, I'd say the same if they were all Liverpool players.

  2. It’s not about having players that are professionals, it’s about having player who wants and has a desire to play for your club. This is not a good signing

  3. We also might need to CB to replace players like Lindelöf, and Harry Maguire who lack pace and lack the ability to play in tens football system.

  4. De gea timber varane pau Torres shaw neves de jong Bruno sancho donny, ronaldo. Bench Sam Johnson Mengi laird lindelof garner Fred sangare rashford garnacho McNeill. Wouldn’t miss anyone not on list.

  5. The contrast between Barcelona and PSG finances are way of the scale. 100m signing on fee and a million a week for Mbappe. Barcelona haven't two pennies to rub together.

  6. Terry congratulations on getting verified on Twitter happy for you famo ✓

    As I expected Frenkie all a sudden is not a good player lol they all are highlighting flaws in his game- "he's only coming for the money" & the big 1 – "why would you want a player who doesn't want you" << 😃 Wasteman rivals you all would want him at your clubs, fact!

    We know signing Frenkie alone is not enough but if he's there available on the market we must try get him, obviously the price has to be reasonable, too good to miss out on. I don't have confidence/trust in the club but what I will say is they are doing things a little better behind the scenes & I know they will bring a few players in due to all the outgoings, so not worried about that it's just that we don't know what players they will bring in, we definitely will sign more than 2. Time will tell how good of a window it will be.
    GGMU 🔴

  7. De jong to United is scary, but one thing you need to you terry is never trust the Spanish news papers. They are notoriously known for fabrication and exaggerating news to either apply pressure to either side for entertainment purposes and money ofcourse

  8. Why sign a player who has expressed his openness that he don’t want to leave barca or even play for United ten haig could be getting this very wrong di maria prime example, I can only hope it works out but I really don’t see this as the right option

  9. 80 to 90 million player sales is very ambitious selling players is never that easy with many clubs waiting for a good deal or there simply isn’t that much interest in your players and the problem that clubs don’t offer enough for a player also lots of these deals don’t happen until the window closes so just expecting to get 90 million from sales is unrealistic

  10. The situation between Man United and De Jong is pretty much the same situation Spurs have with Bastoni. From recent reports it sounds like Bastoni doesn't want to leave Inter his boyhood club to come to us. But Inter need the money so they're pushing him towards the exit door. I'm sat there thinking why we want to sign a player that doesn't want to come to Spurs. What could possibly go wrong.

  11. Frenkie De Jong , he's a deep lying playmaker "
    I like to be the first player to receive the ball from the defenders. In the national team I play differently compared to Barca. And I think this one fits me better,”.

    Also, Pellistri, I really do like tbe look of him, he's gone very under the radar. I think a manager like Ten Hag, and his coaching staff, could be perfect to nurture, young players like him

  12. De Jong isn't good enough but better than what we have, if he was good enough there wouldn't be a hope in hell that Barca would sell given the age he is.

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