De Jong to Man United TERMS DONE✅ Arsenal BID for Lisandro Martinez🔜 Mo Salah EXIT!

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0:00 – INTRO
2:00 – Frenkie De Jong Deal
7:25 – Ricahrd Arnold Situation
11:10 – Eriksen to Manchester United
20:00 – Tottenham to hijack Jesus to Arsenal
32:30 – Mo Salah No New Deal – Pay Him!
38:00 – HUSAM RANT😡😡😡
56:30 – Arsenal BID for Lisandro Martinez🔜
1:07:00 – Tuchel OUT



  1. Hey guys , you are talking about one or two players, do you think is that enough, like manchester united gaint club? looks other clubs what they did, what about Anton?

  2. Richard Arnold actually asked those fans not to record the conversation . But like snakes did . Fans may think this is a good thing, but any footballer looking at this situation will be thinking Man U are a mess that needs to be avoided. De Jong has not agreed terms at all, the deal is not even close. Remeber when Terry was telling us that Timber was a done deal lol.

  3. Dont rate Thiago, Keita at Liv
    They really missed Firmino in the CL final
    Firmino is ultimate baller and almost impossible to replace
    Like Modric at Madrid
    Btw unfotunately I support The Arse😕🤔🤨

  4. Not sure Mane ever got big money at Liv
    Probablly also true for Salah
    The did not come in w massive reputations but smashed it and deserve their reward
    I think Liv corp will not pay more than maybe 2/250k
    Probly united and arse pay better
    Madrid munich Barca and City would pay their top men
    Otherwise there is a drop off

  5. The Tuchel out clowns, the spoiled brats and the impatient little shits are the ones you will find on that fucking cesspit which is Chelsea Twitter.

  6. What Hussam said is what I keep telling others that Liverpool should act like more bigger club. The wages structure need to adapt for very world class players. not for stop gap before go to club paying big bucks

  7. He saying de jong don’t defend that’s how u know he doesn’t know anything about the player he literally played CB for us and was excellent when we had injuries

  8. I get was Hussam is saying but every player comes to their end at the club, we are heading into an exciting new era of Liverpool, with Nunez the first real 9 we have had at the club since Sturridge and if you want to go before that Torres. Liverpool will probably play a different brand of football this year in a different system. Talking about replacing Salah is not the right way of thinking about it. It's thinking more about, lets say we a 4-2-3-1 with Salah on the right how can we replace that in the team to give the best service for Nunez in the box. People are stuck in the old ways of thinking. 4-3-3 is now done for Liverpool ever since Firmino hasn't been able to perform at that level, we need to move on to new things and a new way of thinking

  9. Terry, Barcelona are not selling De Jong because he’s a world class player ripping up la liga! They want rid of him cos he’s not cutting it at the highest level. Barca also now that they will get what they want out of united cos the muppets who do the transfer dealing ain’t got a clue.

  10. Terry: Free transfers aren’t free! They cost a lot of money!

    Also Terry: Dembele is free so it’s only 35m total for him and 50m rated Sterling! 🤔🤔🤔

  11. This guy is a muppet he says anyone will just give him what he wants. Salah was the 4th highest paid player last year’ does this guy not realise that liverpools wage structure is non existent it has a lot of team/individual performances included. He tries to make out Liverpool should be underdogs constantly. Look into the proper financials of his contract you doughnut

  12. On the calls for being negative, I got the same treatment on Facebook when I called out the levels in difference with our best midfield and our back ups and also saying that all our midfielders are all injury proned and we haven't had a reliable midfielder since Gini left and I got 'keep to watching p*rn you virgin' and was I like woah, I was just voicing my opinion, you don't need to be rude about it.

    I am mostly positive about Liverpool but the one thing I am negative about our club is our owners and unwillingness to spend money for what they told us back in the Channel 5 documentary (when we also saw the notorious 4 player cards that needed to prove themselves if they were to stay at the club) when Tom Werner said they bought the club to bring back the dynasty that we had in the 70's and 80's. I don't look at everything with rose tinted glasses, if everything was rosy, then we would have won the quad last season and also we wouldn't have struggled the previous season with all our best defenders getting injured

  13. Hussam spot on, lots of positively olympics in Liverpool fanbase, Liverpool fans themselves say theyve got the best squad ever, look at every club across Europe and how hard it is to maintain this, so win now with your best players

  14. Even as a Manchester united fan, I actually enjoyed his objectivity. Quality content as always…. he should be on more straight facts, he's funny… he's not unnecessary bitter or dull and he actually knows what he's talking about and he's very objective, for the most part.

  15. Has to be my favourite liverpool fan by far 💯 he's right it's like they're all sheep lol I love how he doesn't go with the popular thing stays himself and speaks real facts and ain't no way this guys negative he simply let's his opinions out but never have I seen him do things in a negative manner the guys just a good spirit can't call him negative. Respect to him for standing by his opinions

  16. No Terry pep has specifically said buying players from ur old club is a recipe of disaster ..that's why he's never ever signed a single player from his old club ..,a major coach who did that last was LVG and u know how that turned out to be 🤣👍👍

  17. These players arsenal are buying is with the intention of beating City and Liverpool..u see if teams don't start taking on those team, it will always be Liverpool and city. That's why we are going for it this time #coyg

  18. Regarding Richard Arnold's chat.

    The man played 4D chess with the boys from 1958. And the boys are still trying to figure out what happened 😂

    As for United's social media department – be afraid. Change is coming in the morning!

    Are de Jong, I remain consistent. Lewandowski is the domino. And it was triggered by Mane

  19. Big up Terry my G you dropped bare facts in your last few videos regarding the state of the transfer window & all the panic/mass hysteria 🙂

    You've had the best approach as a person & as a fan channel too regarding this transfer window.

    Big up to Husam on his debut on the Straight Facts show 🔥 He was great 🙂

  20. Why people get angry is that you talk shit so many times and when you are being proving wrong you just say sorry . but you are lieing Liverpool YouTube channels that is blind to see reality is only redmem TV they do not criticize that why they Are not growing when they start with aftv

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