De Jong & Neves to Man United BIDS CLOSE💰 Lukaku AGREES to Transfer ✅ Timber to REJECT Man United?

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0:00 – Intro
1:50 – Official Bid coming for Frenkie de Jong
6:40 – Would Frenkie de Jong work at United
10:30 – Ruben Neves BID incoming – along with De Jong
16:00 – Manchester United want both Torres & Timber – Torres is more likely
19:30 – Full Timber breakdown
23:20 – Nunez update to Manchester United
24:50 – Lukaku will not be at Chelsea next year
33:00 – Mane & Salah updates
44:00 – Who will Liverpool sign



  1. Salah deserve to get more pay because his doing his job better than Pogba. Some orher players get paid high but they dont do there jobs ect

  2. Great content.

    That's a stone cold 10 in the centre of the pitch for me. Make it so Murtough. We get that and a centre back and a RB; Happy Days. Any more than that and I'm ecstatic.

  3. Why would timber leave ajax and champions league football and being champions of the eredivisie for manchester united and europa league football and mediocrity. I cant fathom it?

  4. Guys come on you can’t be that naive!!! Liverpool are not losing Mane then Salah the year after!! Salah will sign a new deal!! Remember Klopp just signed a new deal!! Klopp won’t that happen IMO!!!

  5. Yes Terry just catching up on this video now to see what's been gwaarnin 2day in the football world. I've been working all day so it's nice to relax & watch 1 video to get a run down on all the news, rather than try search up all the news myself one by one. Much appreciated fam 💥

    Our finances are nothing compared to theirs!
    We have the money to drop $180mill on a 1yr contract of mbappe! Which was rejected last summer so stAp it please.
    Barcelona are crumbling because they over paid Messi for 10yrs and now gotta deal with it.

  7. Terry you’re being very disingenuous about fighting for places tho. Players like Donny and Diallo never got a chance to fight for their place in the team and he probably knows Donny personally why would he want to come and face the same fate when he can potentially go to the World Cup unlike Donny who’s probably not going. The world doesn’t revolve around United. Bellingham chose not to come to United for the same reason cause they’ll throw him in the reserves and his decision has been right. United need to fix that problem and actually start playing the younger player they buy.

  8. Stupid. Fans pay astronomical amounts of money to support and the owners want to keep the most of the money reduce wage bill to increase Arteta’s wages whilst they pocket most of the money in the name of project youth and bullshit progress

  9. The prospective players rejecting signing contracts with United plus the sacking of Ralf Rangnick a real football man by men who know next to nothing about the game proves imo just how much is still lacking to be able to consider the club a serious future destination for Europes elite young stars let alone be seen as genuine title challengers

  10. This sounds like the Utd budget is more than we've been told if we are in for two centre backs; two midfielders; and a forward. Remembering there has been talk of a winger too!

  11. Thanks for bringing the news but i really feel there is nothing in the Neves . I want both but no one credible is saying anything on Neves

  12. A transfer window with Pogba, Lingard, Cavani, Martial, Mata, Matic, Bailly, Jones, Wan Bissaka, Grant, Henderson leaving and Torres, Timber, DeJong, Neves and Nunez coming in, wouldn't be too bad. The players that's leaving on a free, would reduce the wage bill tremendously

  13. Firstly HK has not been injured in over 2 years after stopping jumping into tackles every game, hence his injuries. So stop using Kane as an example. Typical begavior from rival fans, appalling. Secondly playing a 4-3-3 has no number 10 in regards to DVDB comment. What are you talking about? "Arsenal are more ready to win than all of the other London clubs"?! My goodness! This guy just likes to hear his own voice and is only speculating. No credible info that we don`t already know. Btw, the Bastoni deal is only on the player everything else is no problem. He is happy in Milan and just had a baby. He either gets an offer he can`t refuse or he gets forced out of Inter how ever bad that sounds. If not than Inter needs to sell someone else to balance the books, like Lautaro, Skriniar or Dumfries. Or a combination of a few players.

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