Darwin Nunez to Manchester United is PRETTY CLOSE!

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  1. lmao stop it, Nunez is not joining united haha my man can get champs league football at benfica why would he join united in the Europa league lol

  2. It's also cause united are the only club WILLING to pay 70mil for him and if he flops he will yet be another AWB , or a McGuire……a player we cant offload unless we take a loss ….. don't be excited for this people ask WTF are united doing

  3. Sorry pretty close like De Jong 90% close as Mark Goldbrsifr wa claiming 3 weeks ago? Sorry Terry but I think United are actually going to clubs in regards to players they are targeting getting the fela sorted with club first then speaking to players why as we are hearing this or thst player is either very close, top piprity number one target 90% etc when it's anything but. De Jong only today today Dutch TV he isnt go to United and hasn't heard and is very happy where he is! Of couslrse you can say players say this but De Jong has been consistent he won't move to a club without UCL. Nunez has said the same thing so unless unites do what they done in the past when they have made UCL and pay players silly money to join then neither of the two players I have mentioned will be joining them this summer

  4. Not really sure whether this will be a great signing or not. What I have seen of him, I do have some doubts about him. What I would like to know is what happens with Ronaldo if he's signed because neither are going to like sitting on the bench whilst the other plays the majority of games, Ronaldo especially. The Ronaldo signing 100% caused issues in our dressing room & unsettled the team dynamic last season, it wasn't the only source of our problems but it was definitely one of them. I'll be interested to see how Ten Hag manages the situation but it does concern me it'll be the cause of more issues next season.

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