Darwin Nunez to Manchester United CLOSE! Manchester United News

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  1. This team is more than a charity organization, donating money everywhere, a certain year it was Juventus, another year it was leiceister, last year it was Dortmond and this year it will be Benfica. liverpool will get him over the line for 35mill

  2. I know people make the link between Nunez and Haller and how ETH may utilise him, however, I feel he's closer to Lukaku in a comparison. Haller can play football and have some link up ability.

    We all know Lukaku and be quite poor at this and it's not where he's strongest and from what I've seen Nunez seems to be very similar.

    I will say though, if ETH wants him and feels he can utilise him as a Striker or someone coming in off the left, then go for it. Also worth mentioning the wide men for ETH's teams can often find themselves alone with aches of space, and if there is one thing Nunez has in buckets it's pace.

  3. It makes sense that Atletico are linked to Nunez, with his skill set he suits a low possession side who play on the counter at pace. Not really what Ten Hag will be implementing at United. I don't understand the United interested to be honest. He would of suited Ole ball more, not Ten Hag.

  4. Why do people have a problem with personal opinion ?? All these football fan youtubers do is break down stories based on reports and give personal opinion.

  5. Hahahahahaha you're post about Broja going to West Ham is being torn to shreds by KUMB a West Ham fans forum the ITKs on there have posted you're basically talking out your backside

  6. Benfica always winning, they keep selling players they find on minor leagues to the premier league for alot of money.

  7. terry bin dippers are claiming Nunez prefers them I HOPE HE DOES. NO FIRST TOUCH. If we get him he is the wrong player for us we dont need a betek Lakaku we need CR7 junior

  8. I’m not seeing the hype. Nunez can’t seem to head the ball (key for a striker I think), first touch is as bad as Lukaku’s and unable to retain. Passing percentage is well below par, and gets caught offside more than Rashford. Most “red flag” point is the injury record, a little concerning.

  9. I'd rather we porch Isak or Danjuma than Darwin Nunez, I am not completely sure that he has got it long term. This season was just a flash of that martial thing

  10. I'm unsure on Núñez I think he's immensely talented but a little raw & rough around the edges but if EtH wants him then I'm fully behind that & back his decision. Hope the street party goes well Tel 💥

  11. You not making video on England losing because of James mistake the hate if trent did it when walker and cancelo and James make mistakes it shhh isn't it Terry I see the agenda

  12. “How much he’ll get paid, bonuses, that’s not gonna be a problem. There’s still this element of who else is interested who else is gonna come in for me”

    Basically your talking complete bollocks man 😂😂😂😂

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