Darwin Nunez BID Made✅ De Jong BID EXPECTED✅ Saka to Liverpool❓Player of the Year Ranking

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0:00 – Intro
2:50 – Darwin Nunez Update – 75m bid made
20:00 – De Jong BID EXPECTED✅
31:00 – Lukaku to going
43:00 – PFA Player of the year
53:00 – Where would you rank Saka
1:02:00 – Where would Trent be ranked



  1. Harry Kane single handedly dismantled Man City and allowed Liverpool back in the tile race.

    He had a poor first half of the season due being unsettled. With the introduction of Conte he returned to his best.

    He is not the player of the season for sure but these people disrespect him when they all would be dreaming of him in their sides.

  2. Denigrating Tottenham as bricks 😂😂thats the same Tottenham that beat the champions home and away and drew with Liverpool arguably games the both deserved to win.

    Obviously intelligent individuals these clowns commenting on your show.

  3. The clown trying to defending Lukaku a player that they had twice and apart from Inter has failed to deliver everywhere he’s been.

  4. Terry I'm surprised you didn't mention Ederson deleting his twitter because of heavy criticism from city fans but I think this video is before it happened

  5. The guy with the black glasses is right Nunez is currently just hype, because of social media these days players who have done nothing yet are regarded as amazing already just like Haaland, whereas before social media people in the crowd and sports commentators would wait until a player did something for a consistent period to hype him

  6. I swear everyone is ranking Son high only because they want to seem different and quirky, Vardy has been disrespected for the exact same thing for a while and was ignored for PFA after being joint top goal scorer in a midtable club less than Spurs level even
    Youre saying KDB has quality around him yet KDB was the reason Man City won the league he pushed them in the most important games, end of the season squeaky bum time
    People want to act like Man City are just born being talented and dont deserve any praise just because theyve set themselves such a high standard people just brush them off because we're so used to them being so good, theyve won a league with no striker and their CB all being injured not one other team can do that, theyre supernatural

  7. 52:30 Terry your logic makes no sense, Gerrard overachieved with a bad side not getting them 6th place, he got them a UCL and FA Cup and competing for the Prem title thats why his achievements are spoken well of, what has Ronaldo done when hes in a bad team , just looked bad along with the rest?

  8. I agree with David i want Pedro Neto at Liverpool Nunez for 70-80 mil is overpriced 30-40 mil tops for just 1 good season he overhyped for my and I don't want Saka either

  9. Lakaku is done, he's a side act. Nunez has the Lakaku Touch…LEAVE HIM ALONE. Frenkie Ok and Timber Belgium no 4. Boyota (Hertha) my goodness a snap for 20-25 mil from Hertha a 3rd chance..?

  10. Nunez reminds me of Son Heung Min in his early 20s. Back then, Son was a bit of one trick pony with blistering pace and rocket of shots, but not good at passing or protecting the ball. He was very raw. Since then, Son has improved his overall game every year with sheer determination and exemplary professionalism. I see similar talent in Nunez, but does he have Son's determination and professionalism? We can only wait and see.

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