Crowd behaviour expert shares views on horrific Champions League final events

Professor Clifford Stott, expert in crowd behaviour, shares his views on the events that occurred at the Champions League final.

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  1. The reason was nothing to do with football and everything to do with the French authorities simply hating the British, from Macron down they simply hate the English and just used football as an excuse to tear gas and batter fans to get off on it. This was pre meditated period

  2. The local youths from the council estates nearby to the Stade de France were causing most of the trouble, some even attacking and robbing Liverpool fans and then jumping over the gates to get into the stadium. Take it from someone who used to live in Paris, the Stade de France is in the suburb of Saint Denis, and has always had a reputation for crime and drug dealing, the RER train often doesnt even stop at certain train stations at night around the Northern inner city suburbs of Paris near the Periphique Boulevard due to the crime problems.

  3. this happens all the time for European games, English fans being batoned and tear gassed, I could name at least two incidents of the top of my head with Chelsea fans recently where the only "provocation" was chanting. this is not of the ordinary at all, it just typically is done in earlier round games than the final. did all Liverpool fans with tickets get in eventually or were some totally blocked because of fake ticket holders?

  4. Klopp is at fault, he encouraged 1000's turn up to Paris, and what did he think those 1000's would do, it was Liverpool fans who were causing the blockade for the genuine fans – if it was any other club then everybody would be saying fans are thugs, but Liverpool as usual it not their fault its everyone else's

  5. Ive seen videos the french complaining how much of a mess the Liverpool supporters made but after this treatment why would they do anything nice for the french. Im Irish I'd usually be on the french side but tit was an absolute disgrace

  6. I find it hilarious at the amount of people who have bought champions league final tickets off of scallys and turned up and been refused entry

    The police are there to ensure that the stadium doesn’t get infiltrated by either terrorists or people who don’t have a valid ticket

    If the French police didn’t stop them and there was a repeat of Heisel or Hilsbourough then they would get the blame for that

    Historically English football fans have caused the European police many problems

    What people need to remember is that the French, German, Belgian, Italian, Spanish Police DONT work quite the same as British police, you can’t push the boundary so far with them before you get dealt with

    Faced with a hostile crowd where You act up the foreign police forces will fill you in and then ask questions later, if you are told no, turnaround and walk away is the simplest of things to do

  7. From experiance it was Locals in gangs trying to rush the ticket check points, then once the Liverpool fans had been through two ticket checks 20,000 arive at a single turnstile……. that was just going in, coming out was WAY worse!! the same Gangs of locals were mugging fans indiscriminately, both Liverpool and Madrid fans got robbed and beaten (it was discribed as 'Running the gauntlet!!' by jim beglin (accurately put in my opinion), and then all fans mixed on the Metro's (both madrid and Liverpool) with almost a sigh of relife it was over. It was Disgusting going in but nothing short of dangrous coming out!! I'm shocked no one was seriously hurt……..

  8. English media afraid of their lives to ask any questions that could be perceived negative to Liverpool. Why not ask this expert if it's a good idea for Jurgen Klopp to encourage ticketless fans to come to Paris? Their manager basically provided the assist for criminals to rip off his own fans.

  9. For once I don't blame the English fans. French Authorities are corrupt, lazy, indisciplined, and useless. Their first response to seeing a crowd (even if it was where it was supposed to exist like a stadium) was to block them in by closing the entrances, crowd them together in tight spaces, and then tear gas them to intimidate them so they wiuld disperse. Why tf would you try to scare fans away from a stadium? What kind of logic is this?

  10. Why would evidence get in the way of the French accusing fans of being the cause of the issue. Nothing will be done by the UK government to push the French on this

  11. When the French speak of fake tickets, I think it should be remembered that Klopp raised concern that only 20% of the tickets were given to each finalist, with the remaining 60% going to CL sponsors. This was debated before the game by Talk Sport and Simon Jordan shot Klopp down. My understanding of CL sponsorship is you get your corporation’s logo, brand and products displayed to a global audience, I was quite surprised to hear that 60% of the tickets go to sponsors too. Apparently this has always been the case, so you get 40% of diehard fans and 60% who are actually neutrals! This is all wrong IMO give 20% to the sponsors and split the remaining 80% with the two finalists. IF there was a glut of fake tickets then with the current system surely UEFA would see this same issue at every CL final! 🤔 Giving sponsors 60% of the tickets is a nonsense.

  12. They’re saying that people got in with fake tickets because they are deflecting blame. They won’t admit it was poor planning that caused dangerous build up outside and also let people bunk in.

  13. Regardless of what we find, it's time to move away from draconian ticket methods for events like this. Time to move onto digital photo ID based ticketing. Completely deter third party ticket reselling. Put enough staff and entry turnstiles up hours before the event.

    Works absolutely flawlessly in Japan for events that have used it.

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