Cristiano Ronaldo's Bugatti Destroyed In Crash, Grealish's Boozy Las Vegas Bash

Cristiano Ronaldo’s beloved Bugatti has been crashed, but fortunately nobody involved was injured. We’ll reveal the scene that took place in Majorca. As for Jack Grealish, he continues to rack up an enormous bill while on holiday in Las Vegas.

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  1. It sucks that people will judge Jack Grealish for living his life up! Let the man enjoy his vacation. This guy is so good he almost scores many goals 😂

    Hala Madrid! Party it up Jack boy!

  2. Grealish shouldn't party so much bcuz it might destroy his career more and take his time more for a bit training….but hopefully next season he will do better

  3. His teammates crashed his car 😂😂 i play NSS and they have that happen sometimes when you give teammates your vehicles. I guess it is much more believable now

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