Cristiano Ronaldo Voted Manchester United's Player Of The Year By Fans, But Not By Teammates

Crisitnao Ronaldo was named player of the year by Manchester United fans, but not by his teammates. Sadio Mane has spoken out on a potential summer move. Bayern Munich have had their opening offer rejected by Liverpool. Shakira and Gerard Pique have announced their separation.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Forced Man United To Spend $250,000, Did Liverpool Fans Have Fake Tickets?:


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  1. You hate CR7 so much that u forgot that he won the ballon d'or 5 times.How can u make such u huge mistake r u did it on purpose (ofcourse u always speaksnegative about him) do your research better next time

  2. 2:27 he actually said social media in general, not just facebook, but good video, I wouldn't want to think about how bad my football knowledge would be if I didn't know this channel

  3. For Player's player of the year award you're clueless they voted for De Gea because they all knew Ronaldo would win the main award so it was more of an appreciation award for his wonderful consistent season and only being the one player apart from CR7 to have had a better season but if it was it wasn't for that case Ronaldo could have won them all as he deserves them all if you have logic and who told you non of his teammates voted for him your stories are useless

  4. This guy hates Ronaldo and shame to him ruining the channel with his hatred for the GOAT I swear this channel was better before you came along don't even know where you came from …4 time ballon d'Or winner apparently shameless hater go back where you came from and stop ruining the channel's good content

  5. You made a mistake. Ronaldo has won 5 ballon d'ors not 4. That does not change anything because Messi has 7. Messi is not from this world he is way better than Roo… Ronaldo. He season was not impressive but Messi the all-time G.O.A.T; Well to all Ronaldo fans pls humble urself and respect Messi. Oh my goal I just wrote this comment to outline the error made

  6. Ronaldo is a poacher. He takes opportunities from other players. Man United's xG is actually lower when Ronaldo is on the pitch. De Gea was way more important for United this season. Singlehandedly kept them out of a relegation fight in my opinion.

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