Cristiano Ronaldo Forced Man United To Spend $250,000, Did Liverpool Fans Have Fake Tickets?

Apparently, Cristiano Ronaldo had a bit of a tantrum that cost Manchester United 235,000 euros. Meanwhile, in France, we know more about the shambles in the organization of the Champions League final at the Stade de France.

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Mbappé And Benzema Exchange First Words Upon Reuniting, Isco Tackles Mbappé:


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  1. Hey guys. Love what you do and I have been actively listening to your news for months. Could you guys turn the music down and volume up the voice instead? I remembered listening to a long video on a full volume because your voice sounded so far and I forgot to lower my volume and your video blast off my speaker with the end credit sound 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. United should have the best things the club like united should not cheap out on maintenance. Ronaldo is one of the best and he wants high standards to return at Old Trafford.

  3. Ronaldo has high standards, United lost its soul in the last 10 years. To be the best again players like Ronaldo need to demand and put pressure on the board. So this is a good thing

  4. 235k is chump change to a club like United, don't call it 'hefty'. Their operating expenditure last year was 750 million USD. And it's a perfectly reasonable demand.

  5. Ronaldo and the rest of the legends in united need to remind all of these money suckers player to the history of united. They need to remember how great this club how tf they still partying on socmed when this legendary club got bullied booed in every "media", they need to walk into history room of theatre of dream and remind themself "am i worhty enough to play like this in this historical giant club in europe?" Especially maguire he deserve a slap from jaap stam or vidic. I wish nothing but the best to mr. Ten hag. I hate to see our heroes get disrespect in the media, were on our way to the GLORY!!😈🔴

    Negative reply will be forgiven!🙏🏻🤙🏻

  6. They’re willing to pay 300,000/400,000 for shit players that aren’t worth the shoes they wear, the minimum they can do is spend 1/2 on having a decent pool.

  7. Liverpool fan always play the victim card. They are arrogant and they should learn to be humble. You should know that they (Liverpool fans) were cheating to get into stadium by using fake tickets. Only one forth people in the stadium were Real Madrid rest were Liverpool fans. And British media always supports Liverpool and hides the truth. Same thing happened decades ago and not so coincidentally, with Liverpool fans. They have a history of this. Why weren't Real Madrid fans not involved? Because they know how to behave.

  8. Absolute horseshit, the reason why there was a massive chaos is because of all the migrants that Paris hoards were forcing themselves into the stadium, yet they claim it was all liverpool fans fault. France itself isn't that great of a country anymore and Paris is a shit hole

  9. I visited the bank of Eibar to withdraw some cash and bumped into Mbappe! Mbanking said he wanted to write a cheque so I handed him a pen. Suddenly, the Eibarman swooped in, stole the pen, and kidnapped Mbappe on his tractor! Shame on you Pessi!

  10. the reason why i subscribed to oh my goal three years ago is because I loved the audio quality. not anymore. listening to this audio it makes me feel sleepy.

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