Craig Burley has his say about Gareth Bale’s time at Real Madrid 😬 | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew delve into Gareth Bale winning another Champions League title with Real Madrid (despite being on the bench), dissect his legacy and debate what’s next for the Welshman.
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  1. I would also say Real Madrid's attitude towards Bale has been equally as bad if not worse. Bale could of been sold but they refused to allow him to go.

  2. Can’t deny Bale’s greatness. Craig said it best – made some highly questionable choices, especially with his contract at a supreme club like Madrid, but you cannot speak about Madrid’s historical decade of dominance without mentioning Bale.

    Hope he can push Wales to round of 16 in WC for a proper end to his career

  3. I actually thought by now benzema and bale would be carrying Madrid to fruitful days when CR7 left but bale went back in his cocoon

  4. Bale is, by rights, one of the greatest Real Madrid players of all time. The Real fans treat him like trash just like they do with most of their heroes. Just look at how they utterly slated "San Iker."

  5. The truth is Gareth Bale is a Real Madrid legend. The only problem is he stuck around even when he wasn't wanted, and that just soured people's perception of him!! He should've just stuck to the football and left when the biggest clubs still wanted him! Had he left when relations were souring and went on UTD when they wanted him. People would've been looking back at his time in Real Madrid as a positive. Instead it's more a case of "he's finally gone!"

  6. for me bale left the club at the end of 2018 season , and for that I respect him
    and in this last years he wasn't bale for he was a look like of great player we have and i hate that look like

  7. Fake news sorry,, vendettas or contract obligations just isn't news,, bale would be lucky to go to the world cup,, he just can't cut it anymore,, hazard is a poor comparison,, mostly due to age and injury

  8. This is so ridiculous, he was left off the el Classico and many other games this season…he proceeded to prep for wales so stop the BS he was injury prone and the club mistreated him for it

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