Craig Burley calls Florentino Perez's gripe over Mbappe's PSG signing 'bluff and blusters' | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew react to Florentino Perez backtracking his comments about his criticism of Kylian Mbappe re-signing with PSG on a 3-year contract despite expressing interest in signing with Real Madrid on a free transfer.

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  1. Why is the media even still talkn about Mbappe and aligning this player and club. This yesterday's news Madrid is rebuilding without this guy. Yes he is a gd player but Madrid has had d best b4 and wud continue 2 have them.

  2. At this point is pointless to keep talking about mbappe and madrid they decided different roads as a madrid fan I do not want this guy to play for madrid not even if he came for free he disrespect the biggest club in the world and no player is ever going to be above that Hala Madrid

  3. Honestly I don’t really want about mbappe anymore. Obviously a lot can change in 3 years but if we can get someone to replace benzema then we really don’t need him

  4. I dont understand why people think he is the best player in the world. What has he achieved? World cup ok. But it was a long time ago. What did he win since then? In term of talent, he is fast and score goals but he is playing agains ligue 1 teams

  5. He's backtracked big style. Real Madrid and Barca cannot survive without the Superleagie, both clubs are slowly going bankrupt. Having to resort to sneaky tactics to stay afloat like selling the training ground for inflated figure, selling 25 year 25% x TV and 50% x Merchandising rights. My god how are these allowed to do this.

  6. These guys are idiots.

    I have yet to meet a single Madrid fan that would "eelcome Mbappe with open arms" after his behavior this summer.

    He may indeed wear our shirt one day, but he will have to earn our affection, no matter what he does at PSG.

    End of discussion.

  7. Oh please. That ship has sailed.0% chance for MBappe to ever come back to RM.
    Florentino is a politician. He didn't have to say it specifically but we all know what he meant 😏

  8. Said it once and ill say it again Mbappe's dream was to play for real when Zidane and Ronaldo were there they aren't there so he doesn't care anymore also keep in mind he's an adult he was a kid when he was like that people change their dreams sometimes this will never be a surprise cuz anyone with a brain knows he doesn't wanna go to Real anymore maybe he will in the future but he hasn't wanted to for years

  9. I don't think Real Madrid will offer him a contract ever, look at Totti and Batistuta. They have been long forgotten while Zidane, Figo, and many others are legends who won everything at the biggest club in the history (He can win UCL like Bayern did, but nobody gives a sh!t about those lower quality league players)

  10. Let's be realistic. If it's true the emir and Sarkhozy and Macron all called on Mbappe to stay, it would be very difficult for the youngster to say no.

  11. And when they say after 3 years they will come again. No one knows what will happen tommorow never mind 3 years.And to Julien is point,Mbappe has ten years to play, thats not guarantee

  12. Perez doing a fantastic job and yes Madrid is above all players. No need for Kylian. Madrid fans don't want him or need him. Everyone loves Vini.

  13. All the decision does is stop comparisons between him and Ronaldo mbappe will never be a goat simply because he’s essentially spent far too many years in a terrible league getting easy goals and not challenging himself Ronaldo went to the hardest league in the world then went everywhere else and came back to the hardest league in the world at 37 mbappe will never be better than him

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