Could Luis Enrique work his magic with Spain at the World Cup? | LaLiga Centro | ESPN FC

Alexis Nunes and Rodrigo Faez are on LaLiga Centro to preview how Spain might fare at the 2022 World Cup.
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  1. What he’s doing now and what he’ll do next as manager of Spain have to see . But I personally don’t think Spain is one of the contenders in this upcoming fifa World Cup at Qatar ..

  2. Nope most teams have adapted to their boring tiki taka style they won’t get far most of the players are over rated and the manager is average at best not a tactician.

  3. Never appreciated Enrique as Barca manager but since his exit have realized he was a very capable coach. And he is doing a great job as Spain manager. I see Spain as a major contender for the world cup.

  4. Is it just me or does this squad look worse/ more average than the one that went out to Russia in 2018? Besides Pedri & Gavi coming in, what’s there to be excited about with this Spain squad? They still don’t have that clinical finisher they had in the days of Villa & Torres & even Llorente to come off the bench. Their defense looks worse off, specially with Eric Garcia in the starting 11 for some reason…

  5. Spain are lacking a clinical finisher. Can't win a World Cup with forwards like Morata, Sarabia and the injury prone Ferran Torres. But if Gerard Moreno fires in Qatar then who knows.

  6. I think Cellabos should have been called up, he's been amazing at the end of the season for Real Madrid & contributed to them winning the CL & La Liga. Yet, Gavi gets called when all he did was get humiliated in CL & Europa League.
    Gavi's talented but his performances do not warrant a call up. The only reason why he shines is because Luis Enrique is a way better coach/manager than Xavi, he's lucky Enrique's bias towards Barca, same for Pedri. They are getting personally trained by a tiki taka coach/manager that's another level than Xavi… such a manager, like Pep boosts midfielders. Cellabos is a better player & can control the tempo/game, which Spain doesn't have at the moment… he'd evolve under Luis Enrique but Barca be Barca with their nepotism, Spanish FA is also corruptly linked with Pique.

  7. Enrique is a great coach, lacking a striker makes it harder, but he can defo pull up some magic. He was a great player and now a great coach imo.

  8. Coming from a country that will probably never win the World Cup, this year I am supporting Spain, mostly because I will probably be in Spain during the World Cup final and would like to see how crazy the people become if they play the final.

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