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  2. It's always the same with the English fans, they always create chaos and disrupt order wherever they go. They arrive drunk and undisciplined, may be not all behave like this but many of them are as I describe them. Many Liverpool fans avoid the previous security rings and many of them did not even have tickets or they were fake. They even tried to jump the fence. I have seen in Spain the kind of people they are, they are violent, disrespectful and irresponsible, and when the police open their heads with a baton because of their altercations, they pretend to be the victims. Anyway, I'm not surprised that the Real Madrid fans they haven't problem entering the stadium, they know how to follow the rules and be disciplined and patient, unlike most English fans who are used to doing whatever they want in their country without repercussions.

  3. What kind of media manipulation is this ? Why don't you show the Liverpool fans who were swarming the stadium trying to get to force their way there why are you acting like they are victims ?

  4. Typical English fans in someone elses country, it happens all the time is not a surprise to me, im not saying they are disorderly drunken bastards, im saying they love to party

  5. Its all the fake tickets sold that dont work in the gates. The Madrid fans had no problems getting into the ground, why was it just Liverpool fans ?

  6. Mannn english pundits screaming everywhere about the quadruple and now Liverpool only has 2 worthless titles to show for. One of them even said that despite the defeat Liverpool were still the best in Europe🤣, how clueless.

  7. The Real Madrid fans had no issues. What the common denominator in this equation?? Feral Scouse rats that’s what…..must be my imagination seeing all the videos of the Scouse rats jibbing.

  8. It really is their own fault. They had a MASSIVE gathering in the fan zone about an hour before kick off.. all thoughts were that they were best supporters cause Madrid didn’t gather as large, but that’s because Madrid fans made their way to the stadium in an orderly fashion.. after the party the entire crowd tried to rush the gates realizing it was almost kickoff. Get it?

  9. Violence and crime follow Liverpool fans everywhere. When they''re not causing trouble they're booing their national athem. Absolute scum the lot of them. Britain's shame.

  10. Security opened gates just to throw teargas at fans, Woman and kids as well, more anti English sentiment, a deliberate ploy to start trouble with English supporters. 😡
    Does anyone know how Kahn, the “Mayor” of London managed to get a ticket to sit alongside the Madrid legends ? Little worm 🐛

  11. Fear of attacks has led the authorities to close 50% of the approaches to the stadium (a friend from Paris wrote to me). Aliens change our daily lives by instilling fear. It is not too late, but their return to the countries of origin must begin immediately, otherwise civil wars in Europe are inevitable.

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