1. what a stupid question , its def a no but even if he said yes he would put unnecessary pressure on the squad.
    it adds 0 value and the answer still is irrelevant to the question

  2. Different level different teams
    National level is much harder to coach
    They are almost somewhere els and they meet several times a year so the coach doesn’t has that much time with them

    At the club they are all the time together.

  3. Guys how can you compare this Argentina to that Barcelona team!? Are you out of your mind? Even the Barcelona with Neymar, Suarez and Messi was much better than this Argentinian side…

  4. I see why Toni Kroos got angry after the final the other day looool. Some of these journalists either started watching football yesterday or they're intentionally fishing for controversial responses…

  5. How do people enjoy posting rubbish to massage their egos I don't understand. Y'all ask dumb questions sometimes..the almighty pep's team..I'm a die hard fan of Messi but common just enjoy the game and stop these BS.

  6. lol no team could ever compare to Messi, Iniesta & Xavi era Barça.
    The Spanish national team came close, but only after the majority of team Barça got implemented to show the others how to play tiki taka.
    With special thanks to El Salvador Johan Cruyff for it all started with him and his unique football vision.

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