Can Lionel Messi lead Argentina to World Cup glory? ‘People are sleeping on them!’ | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Don Hutchison joins Gab Marcotti on the Gab & Juls Show to discuss Argentina’s 3-0 win over Italy and debate their World Cup hopes.

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  1. all I want is Angel Di Maria to be fit for this world cup because Messi goes deep and create…. Angel is one the who you can count on scoring. Had he not been injured in 2014 oh may the conversations would be different today.

  2. As they said in post match interview.
    Argentina now knows what to do when they have the ball and when not.
    The defense lineup is working as long as they don't screw up at times.
    The attacking is fierce.
    I have my hopes up yes.
    After watching matches of France, Spain, Portugal and Croatia. I say meh!

  3. I don’t follow English football. My loss, I am sure. But this fellow thinks they are at the same level as Argentina? He’s nuts. Argentina is a contender, perhaps a bit below France and Brasil. In my humble view the winner will be one among these three.

  4. Putting England ahead of others as "odds on favorites" that's what ESPN commentators are good at, burying South American teams and saying they are nothing like Europe bla bla bla
    ..the fact is there is nothing as tough as physical as skillful and as competitive as the south American qualifiers. In the entire Euro the one good competitive team that England had to face was Italy and they simply choked in the final.

  5. This World Cup thing is really crazy “ you need to be good for few weeks to be champion for 4 years” yet it rated as highest for you to be considered greatest to me it crazy . To me this is nonsense who wins World Cup I don’t care.

  6. The team on paper might not compete with the best but I'll tell you what…the chemistry and friendship this group has is better than any team playing in the world cup. These guy will die on the pitch if that's what it takes to win the match and that's all it takes sometimes to win a world cup. A good quality team giving their all may have a great chance to win it.

  7. The WC has no favorites, Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium they are capable of wining it, it’s a matter of who turns up and a bit of good fortune.

  8. I am a Barca and Messi fan but no, Argentina will not win the World Cup. Brazil will KO them in the semi finals and then beat France in the final. It will be Vinicius vs Benzema final and Vinicius will prove himself as the best player.

  9. Geez Gab your sister would beat ITALY…
    C'mon World Cup really….Messi has had how many shots now…sir the football gods not allowing him to shade DIEGO the ONLY GENIUS…🙀🙏🥱😴💤

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