Can Lionel Messi and Argentina win the 2022 World Cup? 🐐 | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew discuss whether Argentina and Lionel Messi can win the World Cup, following their championship success in La Finalissima 2022 and Copa America 2022.

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  1. The chances of Argentina winning the world Cup is 1 in a billion ….i dont know why ? they are wasting thier times discussing about the chances Argentina of winning the world Cup its useless …'s a waste of time…… You don't win world cups with the wall of shame (the Argentine defence)…Argentine back four Otamendi,Tagliafico,German Pazzella and Lisandro Martínez…….. All the best Argentina……. Bye bye 👋ii

  2. As it stands, no European team is stronger and consistent than Argentina and Brazil!
    Are these guys football pundits??? All the so called favorite have been producing disappointing results against weaker opponents during international break, and just few months to world cup, Spain, France, Germany , Belgium etc are still struggling to win at home against weaker opponents in Nations League!

  3. The thing is that, all the Argentine players and the management team wants to win the world cup not just for Argentina, but for Messi to complete his football dream before his retirement. After winning both trophies, Messi didn't score but they all cheered him up. Aguero said he wanted to win the Copa for Messi in 2019, but unfortunately he failed cos his mentality is not as strong as most of the young players which many have taken Messi as their idol. With this mentality alone, they will put their head on the pitch to win every game. Brazil is the only team that I think they can stop Argentina but they failed in Copa final on their own soil. Messi was fighting the battle alone in attack during the era of Higuain and Aguero, now Lautaro and Di Maria are putting up a good fight to help Messi who drops and build the attack mostly.
    Lastly, the coach knows what he is doing, what an underrated manager!

  4. I have started watching football since 1998 WC. Argentina always had superstars like Batistuta, Tevez, Riquelme,Crespo etc. Individually they were better than any team on paper. But as a unit, they have always failed. But, this team is better as a unit with Messi pulling the strings. They aren't anymore waiting for magic from Messi. You can't write off a team with players like De Paul who is ready to murder someone for the team.

  5. These guys always hate on Messi and Argentina. This Argentina team is the strongest we’ve seen in a while and they are clicking in every department. 32 straight games unbeaten, including a Copa America victory against the so called #1 favorite Brazil, in Rio🇧🇷. Plus a Finalissima victory vs Italy, the champions of Europe! I’m not sure what games they are watching but this team looks fantastic right now🤣

    Also, this Messi is too old narrative is ridiculous. He literally won player of the tournament in the Copa America and had 2 assists in the Finalissima final. These guys are the grumpiest hater analysts on ESPN. Get some fresh personalities to give life to football in America, not these grumpy old guys🤡

  6. We don't really no what will happen, but one thing is for sure that this Argentina squad will give their everything so that messi can lift the work cup

  7. Wow. I have finally seen and heard an intelligent analyst on ESPN FC. Del Pierro, you are a breath of fresh air compared to all the other ******* on this show!

  8. pele = 3 world cups
    argentina = 2 world cups
    brasil = 5 world cups – 4 confederation cups

    pele > argentina

  9. I like these odds exactly like this. With this we won't get overconfident and while others are focused on other teams, we'll catch them off guard and we will have all the reasons to win it. 😁😁😁

  10. Don't take anything these guys say seriously. They are the same guys that urged Messi to quit on the national team. Messi didn't and his patience is paying out.

  11. I will love that Messi win the WORLD CUP, Messi is my hero 🦸‍♂️ of football ⚽️, 😘👏👍🤩🥰😍😀🇦🇷

  12. First, the team has a pretty well structured team and the chemistry between the players are obviously there unlike the past 20 years where they depend heavily on few specific individuals carrying the whole team. This is what I'm pleased to see. However, while the depth of the team is also very strong, few individuals' quality like Messi, Emi Martinez, De Paul, Cuti Romero, Lo Celso and even Lautaro will be badly missed in a game if anyone of them are out due to injury or COVID. So, it is necessary to keep them fit as much as possible when they start their own WC campaign. On the other hand, it is be a good decision to have reserves like Alvarez, Guido Rodriguez and Lisandro Martinez to play so that we won't have to rely heavily on the likes of Messi and Emi.
    Second, form is just temporary. They may have went 32 matches unbeaten and I wish they will continue the streak even after World Cup.
    Third, I would never say Argentina is the best NT nor being the favorites even after beating Brazil in Copa last year and now the European champions Italy. If they face the likes of Germany (under a treble winning coach), France (Mbappe and Benzema are nightmare to ARG defenders), Belgium and Netherlands (under a coach who understand their own system very well), they would have a very difficult time to get through them.

    Overall, I believe Argentina can win the World Cup this year under the best condition and the right form to compete in the tournament.

  13. Tournaments don’t always have the best team winning. It’s just whoever fights the hardest. The Champions League showed that

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