Can Bournemouth survive relegation from the Premier League next season? | ESPN FC Extra Time

The ESPN FC crew are back for the latest Monday edition of ESPN FC Extra Time. 0:00 Start, Drop, Bench: Robin van Persie, …



  1. What I wouldn't give for an ESPN FC travel vlog series with a bunch of the crew. Just imagine watching Stevie, Craig, Shaka, Dan, Frank, Gab, Ale and Don on a roadtrip style series across the world. Pure comedy gold!

  2. Used 2 enjoy ESPN but not so much burley, the guy tries 2 steal every show when he's on, he tries 2 make kaye laugh nonstop, when he does he goes on & on, the other guys hardly get a word in

  3. ESPN needs to do a better job casting their staff, they are in the shitty podcast realm of the covering soccer industry. So many private YouTubers doing miles better than these wankers. I have no clue why anyone would watch this besides because it has the name ESPN attached to it. Actually, the leg could stay.

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