Benzema Destroys Mbappe with One Phrase! That's How Karim Reacted to Kylian' Decision!

Benzema Destroys Mbappe with One Phrase! That’s How Karim Reacted to Kylian’ Decision!

Benzema trolls Mbappe
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Karim Benzema reacted to Kylian Mbappe’s decision to remain at PSG: “I will tell you that we’re about to play a Champions League final on Saturday and it’s not the time to talk about those tiny little things. No, no no, I’m not angry. I’m just saying that I am focused on the Final and that it’s more important to think about this than listening to other things,” – stated the Madrid attacker.

“Small thing”… took me out! Big Benze ain’t about that lil’ boy”, – this reaction perfectly conveys the mood of Madridistas.



  1. Never thought Benzema and those madrid fans are so immature like grow up first you were praying to God for him to come and now your crying like crybabies

  2. FKIN madrid think they know it all. i hope they lose in the UCL finals and shut the hell of for a while. 3 times lucky punches in the UCl and talking shit cause one big player wont give a shit about them.. pathetic madrid bots

  3. your thumbnail and video name are just bullshit.You often claim messi is coming to Barcelona or like that & then you say in the video that is uncertain .Don't put possible event in title.Thank u

  4. PSG is openly dealing with Mbappe and Barcelona was doing the same thing for messi behind the scenes.
    It's no different
    Even messi manipulates Argentina's national team selection.

  5. I would like Messi to come out psg because mbappe being the sporting director is not a good idea because he would be controlling Messi

  6. PSG tries to win the ucl buy buying top players and catering to them without a plan, fails to win ucl

    So after that, PSG decides to renew Mbappe's contract in a big deal and give him power over the club. This team never learns

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