Barcelona's Spotify Deal: Is it worth the money?

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Barcelona have signed the naming rights of their legendary Camp Nou stadium to Spotify in a deal worth €5million per year.

But is that a lot of money for naming rights? What are naming rights? How does a club value their name? Which team has the best naming rights deal?

Nick Harris explains, Philippe Fenner illustrates.

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  1. Do journalists have to call the stadium by its new official name? If you're BTSports or Sky and you're covering a UCL match with Barca at home do you have to call it the Spotify Camp Nou or can they continue to just call it, Camp Nou?

  2. Barecelona was a fraud over years against all rules of serious business management and here they get rescued again and again and again. How disgusting

  3. It's true when talking about old stadiums and arenas versus new ones.

    Fenway Park. Wrigley Field. Madison Square Garden…just can't imagine a naming rights deal. (Wrigley named after the person not the product). Same with Old Trafford or Stadio Olimpico…

  4. The video will become outdated in the next few weeks when BWFC rename the stadium for the 4th time.

    But it will always be known as the Reebok.

  5. Have you thought about sports stadiums built and controlled by secret service? For example the KGB of Russia built the stadium and controlled the main ice hockey team in Riga, Latvia. Ice hockey is the biggest sport in that country. I saw this on a documentary.

    It helped to give the Russian secret service influence at levels like you're suggesting, local and national government, business etc. Reminds me of the country level deals by Middle Eastern countries.

  6. Disappointed in Spotify. Money enough to sponsor Barca (and buy Arsenal) but not a decent cut to music artists from their streaming service (0,000437 ffing cents per stream, imagine paying football players that a game instead of hundred thousands a week). Another rigged company that only wants to archive more money over the backs of artists and sports.

  7. i cannot help myself but burst out Laughing hearing Spotify Camp Nou XD but hey you can laugh if Stamford bridge got a Sponsor name in the end money talk

  8. Tifo, please do your research before accepting such sponsorship deals. Ordinarily, attempts to establish “Imaginary Ltd” as a legitimate business in the eyes of the public wouldn’t be an issue…BUT Imaginary Ltd (Company no. 10418225, based in NW11) hasn’t filed it’s accounts and has an active proposal to be struck off. As for Midtable FC, they’re not even registered at Companies House! Shame, shame, shame.

  9. Well, good move by Barca, but does rather nullify any argument Spotify has against giving artists more royalties. No doubt those people who are against renaming Stadia after sponsors will be annoyed by the new Stadium name – especially as it is not a new build.

  10. I find it off-putting and it can be confusing. "I'll meet you at the O2". "Which o2, there are so many?". And the only people who call it that are the presenters who are also being commercially forced to. Regular fans don't say an added on name that changes every few years, or is tagged onto a famous existing name.
    It's also a sign of just how much as a customer you're being over charged.

  11. I think this video failed to explain the difference between "Naming Rights" which is valued lower, and the "Title Rights". Also the fact that during the construction of the Espai Barca and new stadium the matches will be played at the olympic stadium in Montjuic for one season to accelerate the work on the Camp nou which would have affected the price. I'm sure once the new stadium is built it will command a price in accordance to the highest ones in Europe

  12. I think the Tottenham hotspur stadium could command a massive amount. Its a new stadium with high visibility and does not have a well established name like other English arenas

  13. IMO you are missing one important reason for sponsorships. State sponsors like the ones of Man City and PSG do it mainly to whitewash their cruel dictatorships.

  14. Barcelona has millions of fans if not billions, their Instagram alone has 109 million fans. If each of the fans paid 2 dollars via go fund me page. Then the club can easily raise at the minimum 200 million usd. Thats just the bare minimum, the global reach of the club is so massive.

    If all at once donated. Barca can be out of debt in no time.

  15. I would love to see Football clubs be like Ferrari when it comes to F1. Make all the money just so you could play football and not for pure profit.

  16. I do not think stadium naming rights, are even worth any amount of money. In football, even more in Europe where Football is nearly a second religion, it is an offense against supporters to even take money to let sponsors in like this. We know what sportwashing is, and naming rights for one of the worlds biggest clubs is basically that and even one of the thee best marketing deals. Not only did Barça undersell they also allowed such a deal to happen, this should not not be possible.

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