Barcelona's financial stress 💰 😬 | ESPN FC TV Podcast

The ESPN FC crew break down Barcelona’s current financial situation and how it could potentially strain a summer transfer deal for Robert Lewandowski and force them to sell Frenkie de Jong. Plus, the panel debate whether Gareth Bale should be openly celebrating his fifth Champions League title and question whether Carlo Ancelotti will be standing on the touch-line for Real Madrid next season.
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  1. Barca debt is 3 times more than ManUtd, currently standing at $1.5 Billion. The truth is there screwed, now and for the long term there is no escape except if they were to go into administration write off their debts as best they can, and start again.

  2. As a La Liga fan, La Liga is better than the EPL. EPL is only relevant cause of media/marketing(they're English speaking) & I view EPL clubs as not football clubs but mostly clubs that are there to be milked, farmed & saved by owners… there's no symbiotic relationship between fans & clubs. It's true that EPL fans are loud & they support their team but can EPL fans change anything at their club? They have no influence at all, they're just consumers to the owners, they're treated as such.
    I see EPL ruining football because they allowed themselves to become consumers instead of actual fans/supporters. They sold out for massive investment & money to become somewhat a "big rich" club to remain afk consumers. Most of EPL is made of tamer versions of PSG & FFP is barely done there properly.

  3. Craig is wrong here, he's calling out Barca because Barca are the black sheep of La Liga in terms of financial issues. Valencia has similar issues but it's not that bad.

  4. Tebas is just calling out snake oil salesman that Laporta is. Laporta is trying to distract fans from what a disaster they are with buying players, they did that in January (Ferran is such a waste)… yet they owe Pique 50 million. De Jong might be sold just to pay off Pique's salary.
    What a pure disaster they are in. Laporta & Barca should stop talking about buying players & fix their financial situation cause they're not far from liquidating… if Barca was not supported by La Liga, Spanish FA & Spanish government… they'd be liquidated already. Just be honest about the situation & get fans to support you through tough times or does he think fans would leave the club after that is announced?

  5. What stress? Aren’t they signing 20 new players including Lewa and bringing Messi back and paying him more than Mbappe?

  6. All that for a player when you already have players in your team who are good enough to win you trophies. All they need is good squad management.

  7. Just so espn knows since they are worried about Ukrainians which is right and good. israel still occupies, brutalizes and bombs Palestine and saudi arabia is still bombing Yemen. US bombed and occupies Iraq now for over 20 years and NATO bombed and took over Libya. So we should feel bad for those countries and more that the Western governments and their allies have destroyed as well.

  8. Embarrassing what’s happening at Barcelona. If you that broke. Relax. Don’t feel pressured to buy. Go another year and get the masia players a chance. It’s been working with gavi etc. get everything situated. Get rid of the big contracts players first.

  9. As madrid fans I think we should go make a go fund me for our fellow rivals,they can't even register their own players that they've renewed let alone their new signings, they're also owing Gerrard Pique 50mill in salary,let's help the broke club out!!!🤝🏽

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