Barca AGREE to Sell De Jong! Fabrizio Romano Provides Update

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Frenkie de Jong has agreed terms on a move to #MUFC. He’s spoken to manager Erik ten Hag and former player Daley Blind (amongst others). United and Barca around £18m apart at the moment re transfer fee. Midfielder agreed to move late last week. Required some persuading.

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  1. Anyone who thought the deal wouldn’t get done wasn’t listening. As soon as Barcelona said that he wasn’t in their plans and they have told the player he is free to explore his options this deal was always going to happen but it was going to be when.
    De Jong grew up a Barca fan and obviously wants to stay but Barca don’t so his thoughts will change cause you can’t play for a club who don’t want you 😂

  2. And the saga continues in true ManUnited fashion. Why is this club so poorly run? They always end up paying the asking price anyway. Why don’t 5hey just do it now?!

  3. United board is no fools in taking long to sign de jonk they are making de jonks brand high making fans impatient the day he signs for United what happens fans excited straight to purchasing his de jonks shirts there u go money covered in no time

  4. FDJ is a great player and would be great for our team, but €85m for a player who doesn't really want to come and would eat up most of our budget just isn't worth it. Move on United – there's always next year. We need players who want to be here

  5. Seriously how many videos are you going to make on De Jong? What’s this like the 10th or 11th? Just calm down and wait for it to be official then make one 😒🙄

  6. Agree FC. We just need to accept Man Utd are done. How did Barca still make a profit on de jong even tho he didn’t play half as well as he did at Ajax. Meanwhile Man Utd are buying players for 90mill and selling them for free 💀💀💀. We’re acc a disgrace

  7. I don’t understand why Chelsea is not letting Jorginho leave for a player like De Jong… when a piece (like De Jong) becomes available- buy him cos he’s one for both the now and the future: that is what I call rebuilding a team…

  8. Utd need to make a final bid then move on other targets if it doesnt get accepted! This is boring now

  9. Terry thoughts on arsenal pursuing martinez, surely someone United should be trying to sign especially being an ajax player?

  10. Terry it's being ignored by the British press as they fully aware thst Barcalona are putting this out through the friends in the media. De Jong agreed term with Erik/United = great all I see is another Di Maria. Secondly I feel that if Erik has a nightmare start and is sacked by Xmas. Then he be a mare. Lastly Barcalona want De Jong to say he wants to leave as it will save them money. De Jong wants Barcalona to pay him in full if he leaves. Barcalona can't afford to pay him off they owe De Jong 20/30m and Pique who they owe 50m euros plus in deferred pay! I think Barcalona board 50/50 on if it worth selling him to pay him off? . If Barcalona had told him o leave as you say then they must be willing to pay him off so what's the hold up Terry?
    Barclona need the fee they set as they need to pay him and Pique off!

  11. We need to understand that this boy does not want to come to us, when are we going to get this? We are living in past glory, we are not the biggest football club anymore, so we are not attracting big players anymore, let’s get players with hunger and build with them.

  12. This deal is definitely gonna be done Barcelona are just waiting to sell what they have agreed to sell in the meeting this week so they can retain all of the money from the deal instead of a small percentage of it, they would only get a percentage of the transfer fee if they were to sell to Man U before they sell the % of tv rights. This is because of the debt they have been accumulating for the last few years, by selling these assets they would have 0 debt and retain all of the transfer money.

  13. Frenkie can just sit tight. Why would he swap sunny Barca for rainy Manchester when he has 4 years left on his contract. Imagine him trying to persuade his GF to move 😂😂😂

  14. Yeh but the issue with what de jong said is ‘I’m at the best club in the world’ he could of just said yeh I’m happy at Barca’ that’s being PR trained

  15. Baller. For me he is Thomas Partey level hes class. Not top top class but quality signing if it gets done he will be gd for u. But that price for him is ridiculous. He's a 50-60mil player.

  16. Why not put in all the Glazers in goal and play them all at once in a game and do away with midfield players. Cost us nothing (as players) and we can let in much lesser goals nxt season.

  17. Frenkie De jong is still in the market regardless of the economic levers but it will be sold in barca own terms not man utd terms. 85 mil guarantee and 15 million addons.
    Till man utd make a proper bid. Forget about it.
    Terrace just going round and round in circles with this de jong case.

  18. As a rival, i hope it happens. 85mill will be half their budget, at best Man U will sign two more players. They arent 3 players away from doing anything. Another 6th place season.

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