Are Sevilla finally gaining more respect in LaLiga? | LaLiga Centro | ESPN FC

Alexis Nunes, Gemma Soler and Rodrigo Faez are back on LaLiga Centro to talk through Sevilla’s early title race and debate what went wrong for the club.
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  1. Yes, Rodri pointing out how they're satisfied for qualifying for CL when Villarreal had an amazing CL run (their GK ruined it) & how Barca/ATM basically gave them the 2nd place but they bottled it. They are satisfied with just qualifying for the CL, how can they have respect? Are they Arsenal, Tottenham or Man U? They are a club that has been winning in Europe for nearly 20 years.

  2. Rodri has the most based & real takes, if Emri or Marcelinno was the manager of Sevilla this season… we would have seen a better title challenge & they would not bottle 2nd place at least. Horrendous season when everything was in their place to fight for 1st spot or at least keep 2nd spot.
    Lopetegui is a failure & overrated, he had a quality time & players that played well but his tactics & attitude toward the end ruined it all.

  3. Hard to respect Sevilla when they gave up on the title in January and managed to finished below a struggling Barcelona and A. Madrid that forgot how to be a Simeone team

  4. Sevilla’s a dead club who will never win La Liga and flex their Europa leagues as if it’s a trophy. They’ll never, ever be up there in the conversation with the big boys.

  5. Is hard to give sevilla respect when they have a chance to make la liga race entertaining last season and somehow they forgot how to win and finish 4th 🤦

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