Antony to Man United ADVANCED🔜 Mike Verweij CONFIRMS Timber Deal ALMOST OFF❌

Man Utd ‘make £40m transfer offer for Antony’ with agreement anticipated ‘very soon’ – Brazilian journalist Jorge Nicola, United are now in the ascendancy for Antony and have made an opening offer – worth around £40m.

The chances of Jurrien Timber staying at Ajax are now pretty big. #mufc
Manchester United are expected to report themselves at Ajax for the signing of Antony. However his price tag is quite high which might not suit United’s budget. #MUFC

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  1. Man Utd 'make £40m transfer offer for Antony' with agreement anticipated 'very soon' – Brazilian journalist Jorge Nicola, United are now in the ascendancy for Antony and have made an opening offer – worth around £40m. via Canal do Nicola

    The chances of Jurrien Timber staying at Ajax are now pretty big. via Mike Verweij

    Manchester United are expected to report themselves at Ajax for the signing of Antony. However his price tag is quite high which might not suit United’s budget. via Mike Verweij

  2. We might get 1 signing, but dividends will be taken out by 6/31/22 to stay on that 6 month cycle. It is time to forget about signings and unite against this business motto ownership

  3. We need to judge our recruitment at the start of the season. We’re trying to not get knobbed by greedy clubs and agents and we are not as attractive as other clubs. So, fucking chill out and trust that Erik took the job with confidence they are going to be competitive in the transfer market.

  4. Terry we ain't going to be able to get anyone at this rate now Liverpool are after sangare asenio fabio veaira de Jong ward-prowes savic neves nkunku Gvardiol mukilie timber martinez pau torres mendes badishel Anthony enzo fernandez alverez latoure vlahovich wirtz hadira ect according to some rumours I've been hearing since Darwin nunez went to Liverpool omg and man utd owners are just moaning about prices as always ten harg going to get nothing at this rate apparently these rumours came out couple of hours ago only so we will probably try go getting way over priced big names like kane rice Phillips kante lewondorski old unfit injuries prone players why 😡🤬🤔glazers are killing our club by not buying managers targets fact.☠️💀

  5. I hate to say it but they f*cked ETH if they don't get him players asap. It's the extra time in Ten Hag training and preseason matches. An adjustment period. I'm sorry but they did it to Ole as well. He had to sell in order to get a budget of a 150 million. Right now, 500+ million is desperately needed. What's Erik gonna do with 150? IF THAT. Greedy Glazers "2nd 2 seasons ago" isn't 6th place now is it? What 5 players gone on the free? But don't worry, we have loans coming back from clubs who don't want em either. What a mess Ten Hag is walking into. He's a good manager. It'd be nice to keep one around. Of all the things I respected most about United was the skipper was always there. Arsenal had Wenger, We had our Fergie. Be nice to have one of them again. Old Trafford isn't as loud these days. Be nice to have that back again. United loyal since 91/92. Only club I cheer for. Only club I ever will.

  6. It comes down to Timber signing to new terms with Ajax. Not an extension but increased wages and a release clause. If he doesn't Ajax will be forced to sell him cheap next season. If Timber doesn't sign a new contract, United can definitely get him now. He's not gonna be on bench. ETH has worked with him. He knows what Timber can do. Ajax maybe forced to do business now. Or we get him dirt cheap in a year

  7. Terry do you think it’s you who mark Goldbridge is calling a liar when you put out all these stories as soon as you see them on google?

  8. Now your just making excuses for the club Timber is definitely Ten hag's number ! choice CB a number of these credible journalist you talk about have repeated this information that he is the number 1 choice. And it is pretty obvious to see I mean ten hag coached him for two years and rates him really highly, I am pretty sure he would prefer someone who he is used to and has a very high potential, knows his system and everything over a Pau Torres. This club is a disappointment and I will give them no excuses when everybody else in and around us are doing business, I see no improvement and no thing is being done different.

  9. This transfer window is turning out be a circus for United just like previous windows. We always haggle over deals. The likes of city and Liverpool get their deals done so swiftly.

  10. I dont care if they own it, I just want Joel and all the glazers to not have any more football say. Enough is enough.
    What freaking rebuild

  11. Man U budget for players is only 40m . The rest has to be generated from players sales . Ha ha ha i told you about Terry . A week ago he claimed that Man U were working on "multiple deals" bullshit. They were working on Nunez for a month and look what happened. They been working on De Jong and he has laughed them off . Man U ain't signing shit.

  12. We are all going to look back on the Glazers reign at MuFC as a case study into the worst ownership of elite level football in the history of sport. No choice but to endure, will only make it sweeter when it’s all over. It’s why the club is so beautiful. Plough the depths and scale the peak heights.

  13. This is a shambles. If Ten Hag thinks he can get a kick out of the players we have I think he will have a rude awakening next season. This isn't the dutch league, its the premier league, its not just 3-4 teams that are good, almost all the teams are good so it's gonna be very difficult for him. I'm disappointed in him for not letting Ragnick work with him. Cuz from his press conference you could tell he wasn't really fond of him for lack of a better work. He strikes me as a man who doesn't wanna be told what is best, and Ragnick is just that guy to be upfront and honest which I reckon didn't sit well with ten hag

  14. question Is do we actually need Anthony another winger got heaps , need cdm more , or midfield players needed cause losing few players in mid

  15. Honestly not very disappointed about Timber, I don't think we are set-up for that sort of raw, gung-ho sort of CB anyway, the rest of our defence is too suspect. Not to mention he's also untested in the PL. He was the one I said the other day out of the him, De Jong & Antony I wouldn't be bothered about not getting. Go get Torres, I think that would be a much more sensible choice. Antony & De Jong are litterally signings for the two positions we've most overlooked in transfer windows for years so not only do I have high hopes for them being great for us but the standards in those areas haven't been good enough in ages so it won't be hard to improve upon, let's be real.

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