Abramovich completes £4.25bn Chelsea sale to Todd Boehly-led consortium

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The Todd Boehly-led consortium have completed a £4.25bn takeover of Chelsea, ending Roman Abramovich’s 19-year ownership of the club.

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  1. The frozen bank account is controlled by the UK government and comes across as extremely dodgy, can guarantee the government will dip into the money when the dust settles

  2. Wtf is wrong with ths people…. What do you want roman to do ?!? Should he kill putin ? Should he buy guns for ukraine ? The guy does not deserve ths at all 📢📢

  3. How does he say Roman has signed a 1.25 billion assurance that the new owners will invest and not pay him. I just feel there is something dodgy here. It's after all a blood money investment.

  4. What has this country come to when they can force someone to sell their football club then confiscate the money when he has not been charged or taken to court, these are similar rules that Russia use but they are communists and we are democratic, really it means democratic when it suits the government and not the law. One day we may have a government in power than is fair and just but not the present cowboys.

  5. …………. LUKAKU………..
    POGBA……………. KANTE
    ………… JORJINHO………
    …. Saliba………Koulibaly

  6. If he isn’t going to benefit from the money then why sell?? Lol he’s obviously going to give 100/200m away and keep the rest. Otherwise out of spite I wouldn’t sell. It’s nonsense what they done to him. Still team Ukraine but still

  7. Thanks RA for everything. No thanks to the British Government for robbing RA, British people and Chelsea supporters a lot of money. RA has nothing to do with this bloody war between Russia and the Ukraine, as he is half Ukrainian. But the orders came and come from Washington and the muppets of 10 Downing Street follow them 100% and without any scruples. Up the Chels!

  8. I don’t like how a lot of this was dealt with, especially that the money that is “supposedly” going to fund Humanitarian aid in Ukraine is being put in a “Special Bank Account”. Will that money actually be used for its purpose? Why will that money be frozen when they could use it instantly? Something doesn’t seem right here.

  9. If people thought Roman was rich, they know nothing of Clearlake. Everyone talking Newcastle and the Saudi fund with $350B…. not much of that money is available to NUFC. I can easily see CLC putting a billion US dollars into CFC in the next 3 years, and they wont bat an eye.

  10. Hoy Sky boys and girls !!! It’s a good news. You guys reporting it like a dooms day. Oh my goodness sake. You guys should get a new life. Terrible 😢

  11. RIP to those who think the new owners can spend anything close to what Roman did. 1.7 billion can be spent on anything, not just transfers. And 70 billion AUM does not indicate anything close to net worth.

  12. Poor sky. Seemed gutted Chelsea never went bust. What happened to Chelsea was gonna be “finished” when Roman Abramovich sells the club? Chelsea ain’t going anywhere and Roman Abramovich was never gonna get “bored” with it as he never had any intentions of selling it.

  13. Roman Abramovich wat a man. Wish he bought liverpool upset at his treatment by these ppl. Wish these evil ppl kept the same centiment 4 their own war criminals NATO has blood on its hands Iraq Libya Yemen Africa.

  14. U can see how gutted kaveh and sky are that Chelsea didn’t go out of business. Shameful disgusting media coverage. I hope boehly bans them from the club for ever

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