700 MLN EUROS FOR BARCELONA! 😱 Barça is ready for BIG signings! Lewandowski Messi Kounde

700 MLN EUROS FOR BARCELONA! 😱 Barça is ready for BIG signings! Lewandowski Messi Kounde

Barcelona could receive 700 million euros!
Cadena SER
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Barcelona could receive an impressive sum of 700 million euros in case the members of the club support the decision of the club’s management to sell part of the club’s assets at today’s meeting, according to Cadena SER. Moreover, Catalunya Radio reports that negotiations between Barcelona and Sevilla on the transfer of Jules Kounde are at an advanced stage – the amount could reach up to 55-60 million euros + a player. Sport1.de notes Barcelona preparing a second offer to Bayern for Robert Lewandowski, which will amount to no less than 40 million euros. And finally – Lionel Messi returned to Barcelona – right, so far only for the holidays, but the Internet is already blown off by his presence there! Everyone expects that with the attraction of such colossal money, Barça will be able to afford La Pulga’s grand comeback. Well, the transfer market is getting more and more interesting!

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  1. Messi is done with barca.. at least not when lapota is still around.. I don't see him returning any sooner than later.. good one for man utd on the signing of de jong, I think he can add quality to the team..Mane will do well at Bayern. He'll help them to lift the ucl.
    Thanks once again football news for the edition.

  2. New Barcelona

    AnsuFati – Endrick – Moukoko
    [r. morrison]
    kadioglu – Gavi – c.jones
    spinazzola nainggolan
    Frenkie ~ De.Ligt – Araujo

  3. They make football easy to easy this stupid new rules gonna make the game boring VAR do it already they destroy the game with new crap eish leave the game as it is and take VAR away damn

  4. Don't talk about football fair play , cause there isn't one.
    You all forgot what happened when that idiot Belgium Bosman won the case about buying players against FIFA.

  5. Again this page giving false hope to Barca fans, Yes Barca selling their asset can generate 700million euro but how much can they actually use for transfer? probably 100-120mill max the other they have debt all around their belt that is matured or about to matured and needed to be paid, why else do you think they going to sell their asset? And Kounde is 90% going to chelsea he already stated he wanted chelsea only. Kounde need to actually be like tchoumeni instead of mbappe to pick Barca over chelsea which because the package and etc provided by chelsea should be higher since kounde is priority for chelsea since they lose 3-4 deffensive player. christian and lewandoski to barca has higher chance to happen before kounde tbh

  6. Haha, No offense, but the president of Real is a joker… Haaland is a good player, but we have Benzema? okay but, as if Benzema celebrated his 25th birthday yesterday and has another 10 years ahead of him at the highest level…

  7. So Tebas is upset because Real Madrid couldn’t get MBappe. But he didn’t say anything if is Barca or Atlético.

    He also got the nerve to talked trash about Barca, sabotaging Lewandowski sign with Barca.

    Instead of working to improve La Liga, he keeps making public speeches and eroding his own league.

  8. Dodo is a good right back, he's the closest thing to Dani alves, I can't believe Barcelona are so blind to allowing him and nahuel molina slip through their transfer options.
    Both will cost $40m with good negotiations
    These two are on a pacy level of defense
    Nahuel molina as left back and dodo as right back, would make our game more attacking and there by put fear in the hearts of of our opponents. To be honest we can't go far with the likes of Sergio busquest, pique jordi alba, sergi Roberto.

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