10 OVERPRICED Players Your Club Should AVOID!

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With a huge transfer window already underway, everyone from Barcelona to Manchester United is one a spending spree right now, and today we’re bringing you 10 players whose inflated prices make them best avoided.

Our list includes failed prospects exiting big teams, like Real Madrid’s Marco Asensio and Divock Origi, stars trying to push out relegation sides, like Richarlison and Barcelona-linked Raphinha, and the always entertaining Romelu Lukaku, who is trying to leave Chelsea for a second time after burning his bridges. We even find space for Liverpool new boy Darwin Nunez, who marks a strange departure from Liverpool’s highly successful transfer policy. Will he make good on his £85m price-tag?

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  1. Do you understand conversion? How can you label someone as costing a 9 figure sum when the deal is initial £68m potentially rising to £80m. Nunez is not a 9 figure fee its just a weird football twitter narrative thats developed

  2. 60 million pounds for Richarlison? 😳🤣🤣🤣

    Suppose you can always ask, but you'd have to be a humongous idiot paying that much for such a bang average winger. So, Barcelona it is…? 😬

  3. As a free agent, origi is a good signing for milan. He would be a back up to giroud given the fact that ibra's injury record has been poor this season

  4. How is raphinha overpriced? young brasillian inside forward playing some amazing football and already in a premier league club, he as enough talent to play anywhere in the world and exactly because of that leeds gets to ask an absolute fortune (rightly so)

  5. People keep on raving about Diaz & Nunez. These guys performed outside of the top 5 leagues. EPL is brutal & a different beast, u can ask Werner , Ziyech & Sancho.
    Cavarjal totally nullified Diaz & made him look like an academy player.

  6. 10-7 are reasonable to say they’re overpriced, but 6-1 are all good buys.

    – Pau Torres is meant to be the silk to Romero/Sanchez steel, he’s not meant to be aggressive plus he’s left footed.

    – Lukaku and Dybala are completely different players who would play well together.

    – Origi contract over 4 yrs is less than 15mil euros overall, hell of a free transfer.

    – Barca don’t have dembele anymore so they desperately will need to fill that hole that he leaves, Raphinha is a ready made replacement.

    – Darwin Nunez can play on the left and up top, plus why cant klopp develop him more?

    – why compare Phillips to rodri? he’s a replacement for fernandinho, not rodri. his numbers look shockingly similar to fernandinho. and he literally played as a box to box at the euros and looked brilliant.

  7. I don’t understand the analysis on Pau Torres. Why is he being compared to the aggressiveness to the RCB for Spurs when it’s obvious he would be playing in LCB. So the point of contention is he more aggressive than Ben Davies while remaining calm in possession and solid in defence. As well as can he contribute going forwards in terms of passing and especially positionally as we can see Ben Davies playing a little higher in possession as an inverted full back almost, and even occasionally overlapping on the left when the situation suits. It seems so irrelevant to compare his defensive actions with the aggressor in RCB.

  8. Dude check the contract carefully, they don't pay all 100 million on nunez, it's just 75m & 25m addon, it's just a bonus on many thing that have a length of 6 years, they don't overpriced nunes, what a stupid FD

  9. I think you guys just make these lists deliberately to spark debate… most of the players you have mentioned are divisive

  10. I can see why you'd want to distance yourself from this script. Are we forgetting how many people said mane was overpriced when they signed him? And Nunez has 10 goals from five games on the left wing last season, so saying he plays up top or not at all is simply not true.

  11. As a Benfica fan I totally disagree with some of the comments being thrown around about Darwin. Yes, he is not the most pleasant player to watch but he is highly effective and he can play ST and LW (much like Mbappé in terms of versatility).

  12. Didn't someone at FD already mention that Darwin Nunez has played of the left before and likes to drift to the left even when playing striker? How is he not versatile and only playing at striker all of a sudden?

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